How to Convert Valorant Sensitivity to Overwatch 2? – Answered

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Given that Overwatch 2, unlike its predecessor Overwatch 1, is free-to-play, many Valorant players are deciding to take the upgrade for a spin to mix things up a bit in their gaming routine. Of course, transitioning to a game you haven’t played before can be troublesome, and that’s why Prima Games is here to help you to convert your Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch 2 so that you can retain your muscle memory for aiming.

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How to Transfer Valorant Sensitivity to Overwatch 2?

You are probably imagining us writing a mathematical theory guide with conversion formulas that look like a magic trick. “Take your sensitivity from Valorant, multiply it by your age when you first tasted a pizza, then divide the number by 2, and then add up all the figures within that number, and congrats, the number you see is your shoe size! Wait, it’s not? Did we guess your age then? Never mind.”

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But no, we won’t put you through this. We found a free website that can do it for you in a matter of seconds.

Mouse Sensitivity | Same Aim is an online tool that can help you convert sensitivities for your mouse between literally over 1,000 games (new titles are added constantly). Simply select Valorant as the source game, input all the relevant fields, and select Overwatch 2 in the output section.

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When you are done moving over the required information, hit the blue arrows between the two panels (they resemble a refresh button) and after a brief calculation, you will receive the numbers that you’ll need to add within Overwatch 2’s sensitivity settings so that you can use your Valorant sensitivity in the game.

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