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How to Complete Skull Slugs in COD DMZ

Save that insured weapon slot.

Sometimes, it’s the wording in a Call of Duty: DMZ mission that makes it more difficult than any of the actual tasks listed for the faction. The Skull Slugs mission happens to be one of the faction objectives that is plagued by the wording of the tasks and the use of custom weapons.

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To make matters worse, players need to use one of their Insured Weapon slots in order to get this challenge done due to the attachments required. Dying with your weapon can mean a time gate on your next attempt. We’ll make the process easier with our Skull Slugs DMZ guide for COD.

COD DMZ – How to Complete Skull Slugs

The second task in this mission is what has caused some confusion for players. For all three steps in the mission, you’ll need to use the same Lockwood 300 loadout that is equipped with Slugs for ammunition. Despite the Lockwood only being mentioned specifically in part one, you need it the entire time, or progress won’t be counted. Below you can find the full list of tasks.

DMZ Skull Slugs Tasks:

  • Kill 32 Enemies on Ashika Island with a Lockwood 300 using 12 Gauge Slugs, a Matuzek 812 Barrel, a Bryson Series XII choke, and a Schlager 3.4x Optic at a Range of Over 12 Meters.
  • Kill 12 Operators at a Range of Over 12 Meters.
  • Kill 8 Operators With Headshots at a Range of Over 12 Meters With the Same Shotgun.

For some reason, task three for the eight Operator headshots mentions using the same shotgun for progress in the COD mission. If you’re at this point in the Faction missions list, which is Tier 5, you should have a couple of Insured Weapon slots. So even if you die with the shotgun, you’ll have a backup class you can use to get all these Skull Slugs objectives done.

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When the mission is complete, you’ll earn an Expedite 12 and 20,000 XP. It’s up to you whether you keep the shotgun in your Contrband stash, but there are certainly better options out there.

And that’s all. For more on the latest Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Warzone 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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