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Where to Find the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop in COD DMZ

Can't escape the fortress map.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Dead Drop DMZ

As much as you might try, there is no escaping the fortress map that’s become so infamous in Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty DMZ players that are on the Train Tracks mission will need to get started by locating the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop so you can pick up the key items.

The fortress POI in the Al Mazrah Exclusion Zone can already be tough enough to navigate, especially with so much potential danger around every corner. Finding the location of the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop is even harder, but we have you covered with our DMZ guide.

COD DMZ – Where to Find the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop

Step one to finding this dumpster is looking at the name of the drop which tells us most of what we need. This drop is located at the Al Bagra Fortress POI, which is the southernmost POI on the Al Mazrah map. You can easily get there by going southwest from the Al Malik Airport in the southeast.

When you arrive at the POI, you can find the Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop on the eastern side of the island. You’ll notice a vertical line of five small buildings to the east of the fortress if you look at the map. In between the top three buildings and the bottom two buildings is where you can find the dead drop dumpsters.

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The Al Bagra Fortress Dead Drop will be behind one of the buildings in a corner, so it can be easy to miss, but at least there won’t be too many opportunities for enemies to attack. Get the supplies you need out of the dumpster and then you can continue to Train Tracks mission in the COD DMZ.

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