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How to Complete Untraceable in COD DMZ

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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It’s time to take on the mantle of a seasoned assassin in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode as you attempt to complete the Untraceable mission in Season 2. There are a lot of moving pieces in this mission and you’ll need some impeccable timing to pull it off without any issues.

Two main goals must be achieved within the Untraceable mission before you can extract from the DMZ and claim your reward. You must find a specific dead drop for your assassination weapon, and you’ll need to take on the main boss in Al Mazrah. Our guide is here to help you complete the contract.

COD DMZ – How to Complete the Untraceable Mission

The first step when you deploy in Al MAzrah is to look for the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop. As the name suggests, the dead drop you need to find is in the Sattiq Cave Comple POI on the western side of the map. When you’re searching the complex, the dead drop will be outside in the northern part of the village.

Open up the dead drop and take the sniper out. This weapon must be equipped in order to complete the Untraceable mission in the DMZ. You’ll need to grab the sniper and look for the Chemist boss in Al Mazrah. The location of the Chemist always changes, but you can find him by looking for the yellow circle with a radiation symbol in the center. Get there before other players kill him, and make sure to get the killing blow with the dead drop sniper.

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After you’ve killed the Chemist with the designated sniper, it’s time to head all the way back to the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop where you started. Return the sniper to the dead drop and then you can leave the COD DMZ. You won’t need to extract to complete the Untraceable mission, so feel free to go wherever you please after returning the weapon.

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