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Where to Find the Drifting Supply Bag and Key in COD DMZ

by Daniel Wenerowicz
DMZ Intel

Faction missions are one of the best ways to spend your time in the Call of Duty: DMZ, and they take you all over the map to complete convoluted tasks. However, sometimes it’s better to take on your own objectives, and one of the best hidden caches to look for is the Drifting Supply Bag.

Not only is this loot bag full of items that can net you an easy $75,000 on your Ashika Island deployment, but it’s also fairly easy to open if you know where to look. The only catch is that you’ll need to find the key in the COD DMZ, and we’re here to help you locate it.

COD DMZ – Where to Find the Drifting Supply Bag and Key

Before you go looking for the bag, the first step is to obtain the key, and the good news is that it spawns in every Ashika Island deployment. You can find the Drifting Supply Bag Key on the eastern side of the island at the Shipwreck POI. There will be a hidden cache in the boat to the south that holds a key and some other decent loot. Typically, this key can be used in three different DMZ deployments.

To open up this hidden cache, which is labeled as the H.M.S Shipwreck Cache, you’ll need yet another key. This key is called the H.M.S Shipwreck Cache Key and is obtained by taking down HVT contracts or searching Supply Caches. Obtaining this key is more random, though.

Once you have the key, it’s time to go swimming. Make your way to the northwestern side of Ashika Island, all the way north of Oganikku Farms. You’ll want to head past the beach and start swimming directly north toward the small dots of land. The D2 sector of the map is where you’ll find the Drifting Supply Bag.

After you’ve made it to the higher part of the D2 sector of Ashika Island in the COD DMZ, start searching underwater as far as you can go. This is where you’ll find the Drifting Supply Bag, and if you’ve followed all the other steps, then it’s time to open it and claim what’s yours.

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