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Where to Find the Chemist in COD DMZ

Jesse, we need the M13B!

In Season 1 of the Call of Duty: DMZ mode, the Chemist was the first boss that was introduced to Operators in the Al Mazrah map. This boss became old news when Season 2 dropped, but with the latest reset on the faction missions, players will need to take on the boss one more time.

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For those that haven’t taken on the Chemist at all, he’s a great way to earn the M13B and the blueprint that goes along with it. Before you take his M13B away though, you’ll need to reach the right location. We’ll cover how you can find this boss in our COD DMZ guide.

COD DMZ – Where to Find the Chemist

Every time you deploy into the Al Mazrah Exclusion Zone, the location of the Chemist changes. Between your deployment location and the designation of the boss, each match will have a different route to the M13B. However, the icon to find the boss is always the same, and it’s a dead giveaway.

On the map, the Chemist will always be marked by a yellow circle that has a radiation symbol in the center. This circle indicates that the area is full of radiation, and you’ll need a gas mask to survive. The area isn’t massive, but it’s large enough to force you to search for the boss in the DMZ mode.

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In most cases, the Chemist will be walking around the streets of his location with a small squad of soldiers to back him up. Running him over with a car to quickly kill him and take the M13B no longer works, so make sure to get there prepared for a fight whether you’re completing the Season 2 faction mission, or you just want the weapon from the DMZ.

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