Eyes in the Dark Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete Eyes in the Dark in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dive deep into the jungle!

After stepping into Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Lion King realm, Nala immediately approaches you, wary and distressed. Following a brief conversation with her explaining the situation, the two of you work together to fend off against hyenas while searching for Simba. With this comes the introduction of Eyes in the Dark, the introductory mission for this realm! If you want to learn more, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on completing the Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Complete Eyes in the Dark Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Immediately after entering the Lion King realm, you’ll begin the quest and watch various cutscenes with Nala. From here, most of the mission’s events occur in this realm, and you must explore the surrounding areas as you help the lions out.

With that said, below are the steps for completing the Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Explore The Lion King Realm
  • Dig out the dried thorn bushes to find some Thorn Bush Seeds (x5)
  • Plant the seeds in the holes near the ledge in the dried-out oasis, then water them until they grow (x5)
  • Water the seeds close to the ledge at the far side of the dried-out oasis (x5)
  • Talk to Nala
  • Find a way into the cave so you can reach the jungle.
  • Talk to Nala.
  • Find a way to lower the log near the waterfall.
  • Cross the river and search the other side for Simba.
  • Talk to Simba.
  • Follow Simba to Nala and watch their joyous reunion.
  • Talk to Simba.
  • Collect the following bugs – Colorful Bugs in the dried-out oasis (x6), Slimy Bugs out of the river (x3)
  • Return to Simba.
  • Remove the stump deeper in the jungle to find the Red Bugs.
  • Catch the Red Bugs (x6)
  • Cook three Bug Platters using the Red Bugs, Colorful Bugs and Slimy Bugs (x3)
  • Bring the Bug Platter to Nala.
  • Go back to Dreamlight Valley and talk to Scrooge.
  • Gather the following materials to repair the Sound System: Softwood (x10), Hardwood (x5), Iron Ingot (x2)
  • Repair the Sound System at a Crafting Station.
  • Return to The Lion King Realm. Make sure you have the Sound System in your inventory.
  • Bring the Sound System back to Nala.
  • Place Pride Rock in the Village.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Pride Rock.
  • Welcome Nala to Dreamlight Valley.
  • Talk to Nala.

Digging Out and Planting Thorn Bushes

After watching Nala’s introductory cutscenes, the two of you will briefly discuss the hyenas and how Nala initially distrusted you because of them. Following this chat, you agree that, while she fends off the hyenas, you’ll grow some thorn bushes so the hyenas don’t follow you two. Run around the area and dig up the nearby dried thorn bushes with your shovel to get some sand and thorn bush seeds.

DDLV Thorn Seeds Eye in the Dark Quest
Look for the ledge and plant the seeds. | Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you collect the seeds, plant them in the holes next to the nearby ledge. The ledge is to the right of the realm’s entrance portal, with large night thorns in the distance. Plant the seeds here and water them before returning to Nala.

Exploring the Jungle in Search of Simba

With that threat out of the way, Nala will exclaim that some stumps are blocking the way to the rest of the realm. Using your shovel again, dig up the stumps blocking the entrance to the nearby mushroom caves. Enter the cave to find a luscious jungle, with Nala standing beside a river. Speak to her to progress through the quest again.

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During this next conversation, Nala comments that Simba isn’t in this part of the jungle and wants to move forward to find him. However, since there are no direct paths to the last section of the area, you’ll have to create your own! Cross the nearby stone bridge and break the loose rocks to knock down the pillar, allowing the log to fall. Head up the ramp and cross the log bridge to reach the final part of the jungle!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eye in the Dark Log Bridge
Break the rocks! | Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you cross this log bridge, you’ll spot Simba and, after a cutscene, can speak to him about the situation. Head back to Nala to watch the two lions reunite.

Gathering Colorful, Slimy and Red Bugs

Following the pair’s reunion, Nala immediately makes a strong point: they’re hungry. Fighting off hyenas and surviving in the jungle comes at the cost of hunger, and it’s up to you to make them a quick meal. Talk to Simba to hear him request assistance finding bugs for the dishes.

Initially, there are two bugs you’ll have to find: Colorful and Slimy bugs. You can fish Slimy bugs in the nearby river using the orange fishing spots, while colorful bugs hide under sparkling dig spots in the dried-out oasis. For a quick refresher, the dried-out oasis is the starting area where you first met Nala, and you’ll have to briefly backtrack here to spot the dirt mounds. There are three fishing spots and three dirt mounds for you to find!

DDLV Colorful and Slimy Bug Locations
Fish for Slimy bugs and dig underground for Color ones! | Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

After delivering the bugs to Simba, he’ll reveal the third ingredient to you: Red bugs! You’ll have to travel to where you initially found Simba and break stumps here until the six bugs pop out and start running around the floor. Chase the red bugs and pick them up before heading to any cooking station in Dreamlight Valley to make the bug platters.

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Making Bug Platters for the Two Lions

Once you have the three different bug types, it’s time to start cooking! While I returned to Chez Remy’s kitchen, you could also use the glowing stumps near Nala and Simba to save some time.

Alongside a lump of coal, you’ll have to toss two colorful bugs, two red bugs and one slimy bug into the cooking pot for each platter you create. Since you need three, you’ll have to repeat this two more times! Fortunately, you can autofill the recipe after the first attempt to make the process easier.

Bug Platters for Eye in the Dark Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Be sure to use the right amounts, and don’t forget the coal! | Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

With your three platters in hand, return to Nala to feed the two lions your delectable, five-star bug dish. While she doesn’t express distaste for it, she doesn’t get a chance to respond before she hears more hyenas approaching! Rather than making more thorn bushes, you resort to another option. It’s time to talk to Scrooge!

Creating and Installing the Sound System

Once you make your way back into Dreamlight Valley, talk to Scrooge about the situation. He’ll give you a broken sound system for you to repair and bring back to the Lion King realm. To fix it, you’ll need the following resources:

  • Softwood x10
  • Hardwood x5
  • Iron Ingot x2

While softwood is accessible early on in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow, you’ll have to dive into the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust for the hardwood and iron ingots.

After gathering each material, head to a nearby crafting station and repair the sound system before returning to the realm and speaking to Nala once more. She’ll express gratitude, prompting you to invite her to Dreamlight Valley. It’s time for the final part of the quest!

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Welcome Nala to Dreamlight Valley

Head back to Dreamlight Valley and find a large, suitable place for Pride Rock, Nala and Simba’s home. It doesn’t matter where you place it as long as it fits in your chosen space. Like other character homes, you’ll have to pay a fee to Scrooge’s construction service to build the house. More specifically, the cost is 15,000 gold.

Upon building the house, Nala will appear at the Plaza wishing well, where you can take pictures and chat with her. Talk to her one last time for some brief dialogue, concluding the Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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