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How to Get All Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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by Madison Benson
How to Get All Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of peculiar things you can find. With doorknobs, socks, and various strange devices, you can begin all kinds of exciting adventures just by accidentally picking up a quest object. However, orange potatoes and pebbles are in a league of their own. With 20 pebbles to look for, you must keep your eyes peeled as you venture around Dreamlight Valley, looking for these little rocks. If you would like to learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive list of all 20 orange pebble locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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All Orange Pebbles Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are 20 orange pebbles you can find throughout Dreamlight Valley. Before beginning your search, though, you’ll have to get your hands on the Lenses of Shadows, a wardrobe item you unlock after completing Scrooge’s level ten friendship quest. If you still need to complete it, make sure to do this first! Once you do, go into your wardrobe, head to glasses and equip them.

With that said, let’s get into the 20 orange pebble locations!

Dream Castle

There are three pebbles you can find in Dream Castle:

  • Starting on the bottommost floor near the castle doors, turn left to find the first pebble next to a marble pillar.
DDLV First Castle Pebble
  • Go up the stairs to the second floor to spot the next pebble near a marble sculpture.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Castle Second Pebble
  • Head up the stairs to the top floor to find the third pebble next to a potted plant.
DDLV Castle Pebble Three

Dream Castle – Mickey’s Secret Room

In addition to the three above, you’ll find three more pebbles in Mickey’s Secret Room in Dream Castle:

  • Starting from the entrance, immediately turn left to find the first pebble near a yellow-green couch.
Mickey Secret Room First Orange Pebble DDLV
  • In the same room, walk forward until you spot a blue book on the floor near the wall. The pebble is in front of this book.
Mickey Secret Room Second Orange Pebble DDLV
  • Enter the next room and turn left toward the barrels. The third pebble is near the barrels and crafting station.
Mickey Secret Room Third Orange Pebble Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Moana Realm

The Moana realm has four orange pebbles available for you to gather:

  • Right when you head into the realm, turn around and head toward the coastline’s tip. The pebble is in the sand here.
DDLV Moana First Pebble
  • From this spot, head back toward the entrance and continue forward until you find a campfire. The pebble is next to the fire.
DDLV Moana Second Orange Pebble
  • Go to the other side of the island, past the shipwreck, until you reach a group of boulders and palm trees. Go to the other side and look in the sand to spot the next pebble near some seashells.
Dreamlight Valley Moana Third Orange Pebble
  • Go up the grassy ramp to the top part of the island. Go to the center and run toward a leaning palm tree to find the last Moana realm pebble in the grass.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana Fourth Orange Pebble

Ratatouille Realm

Remy’s Ratatouille realm has the least number of pebbles of these locations, with only one located here:

  • Go to the back of the restaurant, where you will find tables and trays of ingredients. The pebble is on the floor next to a tray of peanuts.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Ratatouille Orange Pebble

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Frozen Realm

Similar to Dream Castle and Mickey’s Room, the Frozen realm has three orange pebbles you can spot:

  • Starting from the realm’s entry portal, turn toward the four stone pillars and the campfire. Looking this way, turn right and run behind the stone pillars to find the pebble behind the one closest the fire.
Frozen Realm First Orange Pebble DDLV
  • From here, run past the campfire into the woods. When you reach the T-intersection, turn left and run to the end of this path. The pebble is next to two boulders.
Frozen Realm Second Orange Pebble DDLV
  • Head back to the T-intersection. This time, go the opposite way to the very end of the path. Once you reach the ice bridge, cross it to find the last orange pebble on the floor in the center of this area.
Frozen Realm Third Orange Pebble Disney Dreamlight Valley

WALL-E Realm

You can rest easy in the WALL-E realm, as there are only two orange pebbles to find here:

  • Starting at the entry portal, run straight forward until you see a ruined fridge. The pebble is on the floor next to it, closest to the surrounding garbage piles.
Disney Dreamlight Valley WALL-E First Orange Pebble
  • From this spot, turn around and head past the trees and pie of garbage until you reach an area with dark, ruined stone slabs. The pebble is next to a tree, near the small brown trash cubes.
Disney Dreamlight Valley WALL-E Second Orange Pebble

Toy Story Realm

Last but certainly not least is the Toy Story Realm! There are four orange pebbles to locate here:

  • When you first enter the realm, turn around until you see a red backpack. The pebble is on the floor next to it.
Toy Story First Pebble DDLV
  • From the entrance, head left and go into the closet to find a small penguin and elephant drawing. The pebble is on the floor in front of it.
Toy Story Second Pebble DDLV
  • Go to the far right corner of the room, past the pile of books and toy oven, until you see a blue book. The pebble is on the ground next to it.
Toy Story Third Pebble DDLV
  • If you’re starting from the blue book location, turn around and run past the flower table until you see a blue blanket to your left. The last orange pebble is on the floor next to the jigsaw puzzle floor pieces.
Toy Story Fourth Pebble DDLV

Congratulations, you’ve found all 20 orange pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley! You can now create an orange potato for the Electrifying Orange Potion!

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