How to Get the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One step close to the Golden Potato.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a new update in the form of the Pride of the Valley that brings a fresh Realm and plenty of items for Villagers to collect as they explore. Two of the new items are potatoes, and one of those includes the Orange Potato, which is harder to find than you might think.

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Potatoes have been linked to the Golden Potato secret quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so the addition of two more colors is a bigger deal than it may seem. Of course, that makes them harder to find than normal vegetables, and we’re here to help you speed up the process.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get the Orange Potato

To start this process, you need some special eyewear to even see the materials needed for the vegetable. Completing quests for Scrooge McDuck will eventually lead to the Lenses of Shadows reward. These were available before the Pride of the Valley update and you can still obtain them to help with the Orange Potato.

Once you equip them, you can start looking for glowing orange pebbles around the Realms, starting with searching in Mickey’s Secret Room in Dreamlight Valley. If you’re out of luck in that direction, start searching the birch tree forest within the Pride of the Valley realm. However, the orange pebbles should appear in more than one Realm.

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The orange pebbles are small and hard to see, but they are glowing on the ground. Once you have enough pebbles, you can use them to craft the Orange Potato. These can then be used in potions for later use, or saved in your collection as you wait for the rest of the secret potato quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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