How to Complete A Rare Card Lost in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

Cloud will really do anything if there's enough peer pressure

Sometimes you need a bigger bully to beat up the bully that’s bullying you. Here’s how to complete A Rare Card Lost in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: A Rare Card Lost Walkthrough

The poor bartender of Kalm is one loss away from losing it. And it’s up to us to help him out. To kick off this quest, head to the city of Kalm and make a beeline to the community notice board. Beside this notice board is a dark tunnel leading you into the bar. The bartender is on the bottom floor.

Speak to him, and he’ll lament the card he lost against another player. Tifa will sympathize, and if you agree to take on the quest, Vash will challenge you to a game. He’s a level 1 player, and it really shows. Play against him until you win, and he’ll be convinced you have what it takes to win back his card.

You’ll need to defeat Virgil, who works at the Clock Tower, to get the card back. Leave the bar and head up the Kalm’s city square stairs to reach the Clock Tower. But Virgil isn’t inside. He’s to the right of the Clock Tower in the small green space outside. Speak to him at his table, and you can challenge him to a game.

Virgil is a little harder to beat than Vash, and once you defeat him, he’ll admit that he no longer has the card. He flipped it at a nearby card shop.

That card shop is outside of Kalm, in the Grasslands. Leave the city and head north, where you’ll find Thorin’s Card Shop. If you visited before, the door was firmly locked. But now that you’ve started this quest, the door is open.

Inside, you’ll find Thorin, a level 3 card player. Thorin will happily give you the card, but only if you can beat him at a Queen’s Blood match.

How to Defeat Thorin in Queen’s Blood in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7R)

Thorin’s is likely the most challenging Queen’s Blood opponent you’ll have faced so far. He has a more diverse deck than those in Kalm and, unlike the other players, has a firm strategy. That strategy is to spread across the board as quickly as possible and snowball with his Chocobo & Moogle.

The best way to counter him is to buy the boosters he’s selling for 500 Gil and add cards like Quetzalcoatl, Zu, and Screamer into your deck. These three cards can disrupt Thorin’s placement and let you move into his side of the field. Cards that face inward, like Elphadunk, are powerful but need some careful planning to make sure you don’t lose the board.

Likewise, you must be careful of his Mu and Chocobo & Moogle combination. Chocobo & Moogle will get +1 power for each other enhanced allied card. And because Mu can be played nearly always, this strategy is exceptionally powerful against our early game deck.

The best way to counter it is to expand into Thorin’s middle lane as quickly as possible to prevent him from using or utilizing Mu to the best of its ability. And once you’ve dominated the board with your green placements, you can then play cards into your protected back line.

Once you defeat Thorin, you’ll receive the Chocobo & Moogle. And now, it’s time to return the card to Vash. And for your service… he’ll give you the Choobo & Moogle card. Plus, a unique cocktail he learned from a guy in the undercity.

Your relationship with Tifa will then deepen. Nice! If you want to deepen the bonds with your teammates, Where the Wind Blows and A Lifeline in Peril are both quests in Kalm that will help you do just that.

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