How to Check Companion Affinity in Starfield

My companion's affinity level is exactly 1180, whatever that means.

Starfield Andreja Constellation
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A major part of Starfield’s companion system is the companion affinity level, a measure of what your companions think of you. This determines how far along you are in their storyline and is defined by how many times you see pop-ups, including “Companion Liked That,” “Companion Loved That,” and “Companion Hated That.” However, getting a measure of what your companion thinks of you can be a challenge. Here’s how to check your companion’s affinity in Starfield.

How to See Companion Affinity Levels in Starfield

Starfield Affinity Console Commands
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It is only possible to see your companion’s affinity level on PC. If you’re trying to check affinity while on Xbox, it’s impossible beyond any sort of guesswork.

To check your companion’s affinity level, you’ll need to use console commands. There are three console commands that we want to be concerned with here, and they are the following:

  • GetAV COM_Affinity
  • GetAV COM_AffinityLevel
  • GetAV COM_AngerLevel

To use any of the above console commands, open up the console using the ~ key on your keyboard. This may pop up a message telling you certain commands will disable achievements. If it does appear, press the ~ key again, close it, and open the console again. With that out of the way, click on your companion with the console open, and you should see a message like “NPC_’CompanionREF'” followed by a string of text. In my case, Andreja’s message says “NPC_’AndrejaREF (000059A9)”. If you don’t, you might need to mess with positioning a bit. From here, you can start messing with the commands.

All Affinity Console Commands and What They Mean in Starfield

Starfield Barrett Constellation Companion
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If you use “GetAV COM_Affinity,” you’ll be given a value somewhere between 0 and above 1300. This is a measure of your total companion affinity. The higher the number, the higher your companion thinks of you. This goes up or down based on the Liked, Loved, Disliked, and Hated reactions from companions, with the value change varying based on your choices. If you start killing innocents with your companion present, for example, that companion’s affinity will quickly drop to 0.

Using the “GetAV COM_AffinityLevel” command will display a value of 0.00, 1.00, 2.00, or 3.00. 0.00 represents a neutral state, 1.00 represents a Friendship state, 2.00 represents being in a Romance but not Committed, and 3.00 represents being Committed (or marriage with that companion).

Finally, using the command GetAV COM_AngerLevel will display a value of 0.00, 1.00, or 2.00. 0.00 means the companion has no issue with you at all, 1.00 means they’re annoyed with you, and 2.00 means that they’re very angry with you.

How to Change Your Companion Affinity Using Console Commands

Starfield Sarah Morgan
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If you’re annoyed that a companion is upset with you, then it is possible to change your companion’s affinity stats manually. In the console, use any of the following commands to do so (with the brackets removed):

  • SetAV COM_Affinity [0-1300+]
  • SetAV COM_AffinityLevel [0, 1, 2, or 3]
  • SetAV COM_AngerLevel [0, 1, or 2]

Doing this will set the companion to the corresponding affinity level. Keep in mind that doing this can break things, as you aren’t supposed to have two companions married at the same time. Do these commands at your own risk.

If you’ve decided to handle companion affinity normally, check out our guide on how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

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