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How to Get Married in Starfield

Like real life, marriage is next to useless.

Bethesda’s romance systems have always been a bit all over the place in terms of quality. In Skyrim, you had very little progress between you and a companion before you both randomly decide to get married. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 brought some welcome developments with needing to pass random checks to flirt with your companion. Thankfully, Starfield develops that much further and brings the best parts of both games, though some parts are still a tad confusing. Here’s how to get married in Starfield.

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How to Marry a Romanceable Companion in Starfield

Starfield Sarah Morgan
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Before you and a companion can get married in Starfield, you’ll first need to begin a romance with them. You’ll first want to bring the companion you want to romance with you for missions, provided they’re romanceable. The four main companions of Sarah Morgan, Barrett, Sam Coe, and Andreja can all be romanced regardless of your character’s pronouns.

During these missions, you’ll get prompts to have conversations with them where they may reveal a bit of their backstory. When the speech option appears, you want to select the Flirt option. After a handful of these, they’ll ask to go on a special mission related to the troubles that currently plague them. Complete this, and you’ll open the possibility to start a romantic relationship with them. Select the Romance option instead of Friendship, and you’ll be all set.

From there, you’ll need to do more waiting and going on missions with them until a Commitment dialogue option appears, through which the result changes based on which character you’re getting married to. We romanced Sarah Morgan during our playthrough, and after getting with her, she prepared a ceremony for marriage. We got married on Porrima II with her mother and Constellation’s previous leader, Aja, there as well.

Sarah Morgan

When wooing over Sarah, make sure to choose the “good” options. She enjoys going for the underdog and standing up for the little guy. She has a kind heart, loves to help people in need and keeps a predictable and steady style of life. Avoid taking sleazy deals and stay independent and away from big corporations like the Trade Authority. As you progress Sarah’s romance storyline, she will reveal more and more about her past and become closer to you. In the end, you should choose the “commitment” option which will lead to your marriage with Sarah.

Quests tied to romancing Sarah:

  • In Memoriam.


Barrett has been around in your game for a while! He is one of the first NPCs you meet during the storyline and he also gives you a ship, Vasco the robot, and the Frontier. There’s no reason not to like Barrett! He enjoys exploration and doing things for the greater good. He’s also not upset when you take on sleazy jobs.

Make sure to recruit Barrett as a companion and assign him as a crew member upon your ship. Continuously flirt with Barrett to unlock companion missions and soon, his commitment quest will show.

Quests tied to romancing Barrett:

  • Back to Vectera.
  • Breach the Contract.

Sam Coe

For a relationship with Sam Coe, you will have to be a law abiding citizen. He is apart of Freestar Collective, so a world of crime would not be attractive for him. If you plan on marrying him, make sure to consistently flirt with him when the dialogue options are presented. You will eventually unlock his companion quest, Matter of the Hart and completing it will earn you his affections. This will lead to the Commitment option soon and in that sense, make sure to choose the Commitment option when it is presented.

Quests tied with romancing Sam Coe:

  • The Empty Nest.
  • Matters of the Hart.


When you complete the Into the Unknown quest, you will run into Andreja. Invite her to become a companion and begin the romance process with her. She is a neutral character when it comes to good and evil. She can handle a bit of good and a bit of bad, but will not tolerate obsessive bloodshed and cruelty.

As you journey around Starfield, bring Andreja around with you and you will soon unlock her companion quest, “Divided Loyalties.” From there on, make sure to choose the Flirt dialogue wherever you can. Her quest will be a detailed look into her past. After you’re done with the Divine Loyalties quest, keep speaking with her and choosing the Romance options until you have the Commitment dialogue.

Quests tied with romancing Andreja:

  • Divided Loyalties.

Is There Any Benefit to Getting Married?

Starfield Andreja

Getting married to a companion doesn’t bring any new benefits that romance doesn’t already, such as the Emotional Security buff when sleeping in a bed with them. Instead, your companion will say new lines of dialogue when speaking with you. It isn’t all that exciting, but it does further cement your bond with them.

How to Get Divorced in Starfield

To divorce a character in Starfield, you will need to simply talk to them and choose the End Commitment option. This will break the character’s heart and they will need time away from you. They will simply become an Ally and will no longer be an active follower.

This selection will open up other possible relationships for you. You cannot remarry a character until you enter New Game Plus, so choose your marriages and divorces carefully.

If you’re looking for more details on romance, check out our guide on how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

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