How to Research Weapon Mods in Starfield

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Research Lab Weapon Mods Starfield
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Aside from exploring the galaxy to find the best weapons from enemies who no longer need them, the ability to research weapon mods is one of the best ways to get fantastic equipment in Starfield. However, starting the research process can be convoluted, and we’re here to get you on the right track. Here’s how to research Weapon Mods in Starfield.

Weapon Mod Research in Starfield Explained

To research weapon mods in Starfield, you need to open up a Research Laboratory and select a specific project. Each project will typically require three different resources, such as Iron, Nickel, and Sealant. In order to start researching more complicated projects, though, you need to have skills in the Weapon Engineering tree.

Research Station Weapon Mods Starfield.
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Without any skill points invested into science, we were able to research weapon mods that were incredibly simple, such as the “Barrel Mods 1” project. As you research more projects, new ones become available that call for even more resources. However, the well will eventually run dry if you don’t have skills invested in science.

Crafting mods and researching them are also entirely separate processes, and if you have been to a Weapons Workbench, you have likely already crafted simple mods. On the other hand, you’re bound to get a notification to research more projects before crafting anything meaningful. This is where the science tree comes in.

How to Research Better Weapon Mods in Starfield

You need to have at least one skill point in Weapon Engineering to start researching higher-level weapon mods. This skill has multiple levels like everything else in Starfield, and each tier will also let you craft more advanced mods after the research is completed.

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When attempting to research higher-level weapon mods, there will be a “blocked” notification if you don’t have the right skills. Before getting the Weapon Engineering skill for yourself, keep in mind that it’s in the second row of the science tree, so you need to have about four skills invested beforehand.

Here’s a list of the ranks/tiers for the Weapon Engineering skill in Starfield:

RankRank EffectRank Challenge
1You can craft improved weapon mods at a Weapon Workbench, and research additional weapon mods at a Research Lab.
Craft 5 weapon mods
2You can research and craft superior weapon mods.Craft 15 weapon mods
You can research and craft cutting-edge weapon mods.
Craft 30 weapon mods.
You can research and craft master-level weapon mods.
You have mastered this skill.

What Do Weapon Mods Do in Starfield?

Weapon mods alter certain aspects of your gun, like the magazine, muzzle, laser, optics, and so on. These improve gun performance and can be crafted at a weapon workbench of your choosing. Make sure you have that specific recipe unlocked.

You can modify nine gun parts as of now, which includes:

  • Barrel.
  • Cover.
  • Grip and Stock.
  • Internal.
  • Laser.
  • Magazine and Battery.
  • Muzzle.
  • Optic.
  • Receiver.

If you don’t want to rely on mods, then check out our guide on where you can buy or sell weapons in Starfield.

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