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Where to Buy Guns and Weapons in Starfield

Where to Buy Guns and Weapons in Starfield

Time for an upgrade!

Throughout your Starfield playthrough, you’ll get your hands on hundreds of weapons you’ll keep, sell, or even give to your companions. However, buying some for yourself can help you decide your weapons strategy. Here is our guide on where to buy weapons in Starfield.

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Starfield: Gun and Weapon Shop Locations

The best place to buy guns, knives, and other weapons in Starfield is to visit dedicated weapon shops. While general stores and the Trade Authority have a small assortment of weapons, specialty weapon stores have much more to choose from. Below are some examples:

  • Centaurian Arsenal in New Atlantis Residential District, Jemison, Alpha Centauri.
  • Rowland Arms in Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne.
  • Neon Tactical in Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii.
  • Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Weapon Shop
  • Starfield Rowland Arms Weapon Shop
  • Starfield Neon Tactical Weapon Store

You’ll find dozens of weapons and ammo containers for sale at these shops, alongside products on display. If you’re skilled enough, you can steal some guns here and there, but otherwise, your best bet is to buy what you need. This is also an excellent opportunity to buy a new cutter if you misplaced your old one or want a quick upgrade.

How to Steal Weapons in Starfield

In Starfield, players can pickpocket holstered weapons once they’ve unlocked the Theft rank 4. This advanced capability allows you to disarm an enemy silently, catching them off guard before they’re even aware of your presence. It’s an exceptionally handy tactic to consider, especially when preparing to confront an individual foe or a group of adversaries.

To avoid detection during theft equip the Stealth perk. This skill presents a detection meter on the screen, signaling the likelihood of being caught. It’s safe to make a move when the detection gauge reads “Hidden,” but players should refrain from pocketing items when it displays “Detected.”

Alternatively, you can also steal from shops and merchants if you’re extremely careful and remain hidden.

Since stolen items are considered contraband, only a select few vendors are willing to purchase them. Players looking to trade stolen items should approach neutral sellers found at Trade Authorities. These merchants often offer higher prices for contrabands and provide an option for players to remove the stolen status from the items.

Most items available at gun shops are regular-quality guns, with the occasional rare one sprinkled in the mix. Very rarely will you see an epic-grade weapon; unfortunately, you’ll rarely see legendary weapons. They are also expensive, so making money quickly will help you afford everything.

Where to Get the Best Guns in Starfield

It can be pretty difficult to figure out what the best guns in Starfield are. On top of that, each gun has its own unique stats and perks. We’ve gathered a list of the ones we consider to be some of the best, along with where to find them.

Heller’s Cutter (Heavy)

Not only does this gun look cool, but it packs a wallop as well. This is an Energy heavy weapon. Its perk Disassembler does +20% extra damage against robots. We like Heller’s Cutter because it also doubles as a harvesting tool, which is great when you’re farming nickel and iron. It also doesn’t consume any ammo either. You can find this at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost inside of a cutter crate.

  • Damage: Energy (4).
  • Ammo: Cutter.
  • Fire Rate: 76.
  • Range: 3.
  • Accuracy: 76.7%.
  • Mass: 4.00.
  • Value: 712.
  • Mods: 0.


Magshear is one of the best rifles in the entire game, especially its advanced variant. The Magshear is basically Starfield’s Ol’ Reliable, boasting incredible stopping power and low recoil. You’ll have to make do with its accuracy, which is on the lower side, but it packs a punch and is a force to be reckoned with. You’ll want to get its advanced variant, which you can randomly find in containers and body loot.

  • Damage: Physical (13).
  • Ammo: .50 MI Array.
  • Clip Size: 75.
  • Fire rate: 300.
  • Range: 52.
  • Accuracy: 66.5%.
  • Mass: 3.90.
  • Value: 28192.
  • Mods: 5.


Much like the Advanced Magshear, the Beowulf has very few equals. This semiautomatic Ballistic rifle is a behemoth on the battlefield, boasting some of the highest damage in the game. It’ll start to appear in UC weapon shops after you reach level 15. We love the way it cuts through armored foes like a hot knife on butter. Also, it’s a Beowulf reference. What’s not to love?

  • Damage: Physical (30).
  • Ammo: 7.77mm Caseless.
  • Clip Size: 30.
  • Fire Rate: 50.
  • Range: 40.
  • Accuracy: 69.1%.
  • Mass: 2.80.
  • Value: 4820.
  • Mods: 8.

Eternity’s Gate

Eternity’s Gate looks cool as hell. The design alone makes the gun great, and the eye-watering amounts of firepower make it even better. Eternity’s Gate comes with 4 modifications right off the bat: Long Barrel, Recon Laser Sight, Short Scope, and Tactical Magazine. You’ll find this weapon in the Revelation Main Quest. You’ll need to not side with either Starborn or just side with The Hunter when doing Unearthed. The weapon will be yours after defeating The Emissary.

  • Damage: Physical (1), Energy (50).
  • Ammo: Heavy Particule Fuse.
  • Clip Size: 20.
  • Fire Rate: 25.
  • Range: 60.
  • Accuracy: 81.6%.
  • Mass: 5.10.
  • Value: 11249.
  • Mods: 4/6.

Big Bang

Big Bang lives up to its name. It boasts impressive damage, some of the highest for an energy-based weapon. It’s also very effective at mid-range combat and has a decent amount of range outside of that. Big Bang begins to spawn at level 35 and higher as loot on Ecliptic Mercs. It’s a non-guaranteed find it at various vendors like Cydonia Trade Authority well before level 35. Keep an eye out for it as you go.

  • Damage: Physical (32), Energy (94).
  • Ammo: Heavy Particle Use.
  • Clip Size: 8.
  • Fire Rate: 14.
  • Range: 20.
  • Accuracy: 54.7%.
  • Mass: 7.
  • Value: 12870.
  • Mods: 7.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. To learn more, check out how to complete On the Run in Starfield, or click the game tag below to explore our growing content collection.

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