How To Change Companion Clothing & Weapons in Starfield

Get ready to show off your new duds in Starfield.

You know, Starfield is a game full of plenty of exciting choices and opportunities. As you navigate throughout the Galaxy, getting the chance to know your companions on a spiritual and emotional level makes the game all the more exciting, but you may find that their default clothing options are a little drab. No matter if you’re hoping to cosplay Sarah Morgan as the Space Trucker wife of your dreams, or just want to give them some new equipment, it’s completely possible, if not a little cumbersome. Let’s find out how to make that happen with ease in this space epic.

How To Equip Your Companion With New Weapons And Clothing In Starfield

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To instigate this change, you’ll want to speak to the companion that you’re bringing along on your journey, in this case, Sarah Morgan. In your dialogue options, select the option to trade gear with your companion, which will open a new menu. From here, search the bottom of your bar and activate your inventory to select the item that you would like to trade.

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I wanted to give Sarah some new duds, so I selected some of the Space Trucker wear that I have in my inventory and handed it over to her. You can also select weapons and ammo, but be sure to give them some ammo that corresponds to the weapon of your choice. When you are done, you’ll want to go back into your Companions inventory by pressing the button shown at the bottom of your screen.

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This is where I got a little confused at first because when I would go into Sarah’s inventory, it would show my character, Big Rig Rob, wearing the clothing that I transferred to her. However, by pressing the Equip button shown at the bottom of the screen, it didn’t apply to me, but to her. Hopefully, the team at Bethesda can show the Companion character wearing the item in the future through an update.

Once you have equipped the items, you’ll just need to exit and your companion will be wearing their fancy new clothing, ready to hit the solar system in style. No matter if you’re hoping to live a life of leisure in Starfield or you’re ready to hit the streets as a Space Pirate, the choices you can make in this game are rather extreme. Be sure to check out our section below to learn everything you need to about this epic Space adventure, and find out how to finally tie the knot with your favorite companion.

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