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In any Bethesda game, having companions that follow you on your journey can be a massive help. Not only can they be good to talk to as you get insight into their thoughts on recent events, but they can also make for a formidable distraction. One that manages to bite back, while perhaps sparking up a bit of a romance with your own character. With that in mind, you might be wondering how many can come along with you into battle. Here’s how many companions can follow you in Starfield.

How Many Companions Can Fight With You At Once in Starfield?

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If you were expecting to bring an army along on your adventures, you’d be sorely disappointed. In Starfield, only one companion can follow you at a time. The rest of your companions will either wait at your ship or outpost, be waiting in the Lodge, or be off doing their own thing until you’re ready to assign them to a Crew position. What decides this is, as you might’ve guessed, where they’re assigned on your Crew. If Andreja, for example, is not assigned anywhere, then she will wait at the Lodge. Otherwise, if Sarah Morgan is assigned to your ship, she’ll wait there instead when not active.

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To change which companion is following you, speak to them and select the dialogue option “Are you ready to head back out?”. This will lead to some quip from them, such as Andreja sharpening a blade for the occasion, then your previously active companion wishing them well on their adventures with you. From there, you should get a message in the top right saying, “[Companion] is now your active companion.”, with the Companion being replaced by that person’s name.

Which Companion Should You Bring With You in Starfield?

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If you’re looking for a companion that will help you the most in battle, your best bet will be Andreja. She has some nice stats in both Stealth and Particle Beams, making her great offensively. Another great option is Sam Coe, who brings with him some very strong Rifle Certification. If neither of those is your fancy, Marika Boros (found at The Viewpoint in New Atlantis) is a nice alternative.

Keep in mind that you should kit out whichever companion you make your main companion with as good of gear as possible. This includes a good weapon, spacesuit, space helmet, and pack. You should also give them at least one bullet of ammo since they have infinite ammo and don’t need to be refilled.

If you’re looking to do more than just fight alongside your companion, check out our guide on how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

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