How to Beat the World Tier 4 Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4

When nightmares simply aren't enough

Nightmare difficulty is all well and good… but for some, it’s just not challenging enough. The only answer to that problem is World Tier 4: Torment. And to unlock it, we’ll need to beat the hardest dungeon in the game. Here’s how to beat the World Tier 4 Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4.

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How to Beat the Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4

The final capstone dungeon will send you to the Fallen Temple, where you first encountered Elias. This temple is recommended for level 70 and above. It’s very possible to beat it at an earlier level, and I managed to do so at 62. But the final boss is one of the toughest in the game. To get to him, we’ll first need to complete three dungeon missions.

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When you first arrive, you’ll be given a choice between two paths: The Sigil of the Weak and the Sigil of the Indolent. It doesn’t matter which you choose, you’ll have to complete both.

How to Complete Sigil of the Indolent

Indolent might be the word chosen for this path because there are quite a few exploding Fallen Lunatics. You don’t need to kill them – they’ll kill themselves. And you, if you’re not careful. Make your way around the map, and you’ll encounter a barrier. Kill all the enemies near it, and the barrier will fall.

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You’ll be trapped in a small room with an Idol of the Fallen Temple, which you’ll need to destroy. A Shaman will spawn on the opposite side of the room. Kill it immediately to keep it from resurrecting.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Idol will continuously spawn Fallen Lunatics and other enemies. But the Fallen Lunatics will almost always explode where they’re resurrected. Once the Idol is destroyed, a Tainted Fallen Overseer will spawn. Try to maintain your distance, as it creates toxic pools and does devastating damage.

Once the Overseer is dead, pick up the stone that will appear where the Idol was.

Take it back to the main room and place it on the pedestal.

How to Complete Sigil of the Weak

I suspect that this segment is called weak because of how many Overseers, Crushers, Gorgers, and Punishers there are. You’ll also have some smaller mobs, but these large, hard-hitting enemies define this path.

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You’ll encounter several tough enemies in the blue square.

Just like the Sigil of the Indolent, you’ll need to follow the square path until you reach a chamber with a Demonic Barrier. Interact with it, and you’ll be prompted to “Survive the Trial of the Weak”.

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You’ll then be beset by waves of enemies, starting with Bilefiends and growing progressively more lethal as the timer ticks down. There are approximately four waves of enemies, including plenty of the big heavy hitters you’ve encountered earlier on this path. The final enemy will be a Fiery Fallen Overload (Mortar).

Once you’ve successfully defeated the waves, another bloodstone will appear where the Demon Barrier was. Pick it up and take it back to the pedestal of the main room. This will open up the way to the Temple of Flesh.

How to Complete the Cathedral of Flesh

Now that you’ve deposited both stones, a new way opens up. This is our last segment before our boss fight and our goal is to kill one Animus collector, harvest the purple Animus they drop, and deposit it in the relic outside of the boss door. There are four Animus Holder Elites in this area, but you’ll get enough Animus from one.

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The fastest way to the boss door with the fewest enemies is this way.

Screenshot by Prima Games

You’re almost guaranteed to stumble across at least one Animus Holder, but if you’d like to kill everything, expect to encounter a mixture of the mobs from the Sigil of the Weak and the Sigil of the Indolent sections of the dungeon.

Once you reach the canister where you’ll be depositing your Animus, you’ll encounter two mini-bosses.

  • Draven: Mortar, Explosive
  • Chaol: Waller, Summoner
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While Draven does the most damage, I recommend killing Chaol first as they make it difficult to escape Draven’s mortars and will continuously spawn enemies. Otherwise, they’re not much harder than the other elites you’ve encountered. Additionally, there are exploding blights on the outer rim of the fight, which will do significant damage if you’re in their radius. Stay close to Draven and Chaol if possible.

How to Defeat Elias, Hatred’s Remnant

Elias is a difficult opponent. He relies heavily on long-range fire magic, mobs, and occasionally poison damage. To prepare for this fight, I highly recommend preparing a Desert Escape Magic Incense and Strong Elixir of Fire Resistance. If Flawless Rubies fell while you killed mobs in this dungeon, I would also recommend socketing them into your equipment as they provide fire resistance. You can leave for town any time you like through a portal if you need to prepare.

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But remember, if you leave town, the portal will close, and you’ll have to repeat the dungeon.

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Elias has these moves:

  • Fire Ring: He’ll summon a ring of fireballs around him that will then shoot off in a straight line all around them.
  • Counter: When Elias encircles himself with flames, back away. These fires move outward in a straight line, and if you’re further away, they’re easier to dodge. If you’re hit by one, it will knock you back and briefly stagger you.
  • Three Orbs: Three scarlet orbs will form around him, which he’ll throw like a homing missile at you.
    • Counter: When he summons three scarlet orbs, back away and run around him in a wide circle. It doesn’t last long. Dodge if it seems like it might hit you.
  • Fire Wave: He’ll summon a fan-shaped fire wave that will cover a quarter of the arena. Later in the fight, he’ll add more waves, covering the entire arena.
    • Counter: At the start, he’ll only summon one wave. Get out of the marked triangle and go behind him, where he’ll be locked in animation. At half health, he’ll summon a second wave, which he’ll place to the right of the last wave. When this happens, step into the blackened zone of that first wave. When he’s almost dead, he’ll cover the entire arena floor with flames. I recommend a barrier or defensive ability saved for this precise moment.
  • Ritual Circles: He’ll create around a dozen ritual circles, which will damage you if you stand on them. Periodically, he will summon mobs of Succubus and Flesh Threshers.
    • Counter: When he begins summoning circles on the floor, stand in the space between them. If it’s a mob attack, he’ll likely follow up with a Three Orb attack very quickly, so keep moving.
  • Large Triangle Ritual: He will summon a large triangle in the middle of the arena, which will be on fire. At the end of each triangle will be a poisonous summoning pool, where three Balrogs will spawn.
    • Counter: Once Elias begins summoning the large triangle, try to be in the middle. During this time, he’s locked in animation and floating in the air, giving you time to attack.

I’ve made up those names, as you can likely tell. Each of these moves is very telegraphed, giving you time to prepare and position yourself.

Elias’s opening move combo is:

  • Fire Ring
  • Three Orbs
  • Fire Wave

I recommend keeping your distance for the first two moves, then closing in when he’s locked into the Fire Wave animation. The rest of the fight is about mob management and avoiding Elias’s attacks. If you keep the above counters in mind and whittle away the mobs, you should be able to take down Elias. If you’re struggling, I found that barrier aspects were enough to keep me alive.

The one I really like is the Aspect of the Protector, which is available to all classes: “Damaging an Elite enemy grants you a Barrier, absorbing up [x] damage for 10 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 30 seconds.” You can find it at the Lost Archives in Fractured Peaks.

Once Elias is dead, all you need to do is go to Kyovashad to change your World Tier level. And now that you’re at World Tier 4, you can finally get your hands on Ancestral Equipment, which is a big improvement. Check out how big of a difference it makes here: What’s the Difference Between Sacred and Ancestral Equipment in Diablo 4 – Answered.

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