How to Beat Rule 13 in The Password Game

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Rule 13 Current Phase of the Moon Emoji Password Game

The Password Game is a wild time. One second, you’re casually typing in letters and numbers. The next, you’re saving an egg from impending doom and watching the page burn down. It gets messy and chaotic, and honestly, I love it. One that stumped me for a while was rule 13, asking us to use a moon emoji in the password. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to include the moon’s current phase as an emoji for rule 13 in The Password Game.

How to Include the Current Phase of the Moon as an Emoji in The Password Game

There are eight different emoji options you can use for Password Game rule 13:

  • New Moon – πŸŒ‘
  • Waxing Crescent – πŸŒ’
  • First Quarter – πŸŒ“
  • Waxing Gibbous – πŸŒ”
  • Full Moon – πŸŒ•
  • Waning Gibbous – πŸŒ–
  • Third Quarter – πŸŒ—
  • Waning Crescent – 🌘

Much like the Wordle rule, this will change periodically depending on the current moon phase. That said, although you will have different answers every few days, one simple solution is to copy-paste each moon emoji into the box until you find one that works.

Password Game Rule 13 Moon Emoji
Get ready to copy-paste some emojis. | Screenshot by Prima Games

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As silly as this sounds, this is what I do every time I encounter this rule, and it works. I’m writing this article onΒ June 29, and I went down my list until I got to theΒ Waning Gibbous emoji.Β I copy-pasted that in and completed the rule without figuring out today’s moon phase! In a few days, I’ll likely end up doing the same.

If copy-pasting from the list above doesn’t work on your device, you can also use resources like FSymbols or Emojiguide to access them easily.

Fortunately, if you already know the moon phase today, you can skip that process and select the right emoji before tossing it into your password box and moving on to the next rule in this wacky game. Be careful, as Password Game’s rule 14 is just as tricky as this one.

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