How to Beat Rule 14 in the Password Game

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The Password Game Rule 14

One of the first major roadblocks in The Password Game is found right when you enter Rule 14. “Your password must include the name of this country.”. But how in the hell will I discover which country is it?! I have a Journalism degree, not a Geography one. And I’m also terrible with directions on top of all that. 

What is even the point of this rule? Beats me. But my point is that we can make our way out of Rule 14, and here’s how we beat it in the Password Game.

How to Discover the Country in Rule 14 in The Password Game

First things first, the location you’re given is always random whenever you start a new game. And there are tons of possible locations as the game draws directly from Google Maps. Don’t think you can cheat this one by resetting the game until you find somewhere you know.

So unless you got lucky enough to see your own country in the image, what should you do? Grab your phone, of course!

Open the Google Lens app on your Android or iPhone and scan your screen to make a quick image search. Try to focus on the main image as much as possible, and start looking at your results. Eventually, you’ll find some countries being named, so start trying those out.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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You can turn your image as much as you want, so try grabbing different angles if your first shot didn’t result in anything. For this desert scenery in specific, I got lucky to find Australia being named in one of the results after my second picture, so I could easily advance to the next level.

Through the same vein, look for plates, outdoors, or anything that might have something written in the image. Maybe it has the name of a country-specific brand, or maybe it’s written in a different language. You can then use Google Lens to translate the text and find out more about where you’re looking at.

In one of my attempts, I stumbled across an image containing an unknown alphabet. I didn’t know which language it was at first, but Google Lens informed me that it was Malay, mainly spoken in Malaysia. I typed that country’s name and boom, Rule 15 was ready for me.

And of course, you can always guess as a last resort. But don’t guess randomly. You have the whole internet at your disposal! If you’re seeing a desert, search for which countries have deserts in them, for example. It’s definitely more troublesome, but it can work. 

This is one of the most obnoxious rules. But don’t worry, it only gets worse. If you had a bad time with some previous rules such as 9, be prepared for what’s to come.

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