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All Roman Numerals That Multiply to 35: The Password Game Guide

I love me some fancy Roman numbers in puzzles

The Password Game caught the internet on a grip. The addicting, yet infuriating game where you’re prompted to write a progressively, needlessly complicated password on the go with increasing rules is a fun challenge, but some of the progressive rules can get quite complicated, such as Rule 9: “The Roman numerals in your password should multiply to 35.”

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While this rule is quite straightforward, finding the ideal number is not. But we can help you with that, so keep scrolling down to find all Roman numerals that multiply by 35 in the Password Game.

Rule 9 Solution in The Password Game: All Roman Numerals that Multiply to 35

You have two options for fulfilling this rule, those being:

  • XXXV (35, works directly)
  • V and VII (5 x 7 = 35)

Insert any of those, and you’ll proceed to Rule 10 immediately.

Password texbox  with CAPTCHA box and Explanation for the Rule 9.
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’re adding V and VII, add them in two separate spots, and don’t forget TO TURN ON CAPS LOCK. If you add them together (like “VVII” instead of “VjuneVII”), it won’t work.

When progressing through the next rules, I advise you to avoid using “I”, “V” or “X” in your next password entries (unless absolutely necessary) or you’ll break Rule 9 along the way. This is obviously the game’s intention, so don’t fall for this trap.

While Roman numbers are not used directly in them, sometimes you’ll be forced to write with a capital case, and the password will recognize certain entries as Roman numbers. So be careful when entering any of the following letters:

  • V – 5
  • X – 10
  • L – 50
  • C – 100
  • D – 500
  • M – 1000

While I (1) is also a Roman numeral, it won’t affect the overall results, as any number multiplied by one stays the same. Quick maths!

Is There an End To the Password Game?

To successfully complete the game, you need to meet all 35 different rules. Once all the rules are met, you’ll be asked to confirm the final password. After confirmation, you’ll have two minutes to retype the password.

All Rules the Password Game Listed
Screenshot by Prima Games

Keep in mind that failing to retype the password within the given time frame will end the game.

And that’s it for Rule 9. Good luck with the next ones, and when you get to the point where Wordle becomes relevant, don’t forget that we have tons of dedicated articles for that. Like this one, which shows you five letter words that start with “TRA.” The Prima Team has your back!

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