How to Beat Rule 16 in The Password Game

And that's how a pro chess player is born

The Password Game Rule 16 Featured

Congratulations on getting past Rule 14! You’re officially a (non) certified location finder now. But now you’re facing an ever bigger threat: a match of chess. And I don’t mean that upcoming fighting game with the anthropomorphous chess pieces, but actual, plain old chess. Rule 16 reads “Your password must include the best move in algebraic chess notation.”.

So you have two options for that: You either become a pro chess player all of a sudden or try to find out the answer in a smarter way. And clicking on this article is definitely a wise choice.  Rule 16 is arguably the hardest rule in The Password Game, and I’m gonna show you how to solve it below!

How to Discover the Best Move in Algebraic Chess Notation in The Password Game: Rule 16

You can click on the highlighted text on the Password Game page to find out what Algebraic Chess Notation is, but all you need to know is how to identify it. The notation is simply a written format indicating your next move. Examples would be Be5 to indicate a Bishop moving to E5.

With that format in hands, let’s solve the following Rule 16 example:

The Password Game Rule 16 Example
Screenshot by Prima Games

You might arrive at the correct result, but the best way to make sure of that is by visiting Next Chess Move. This website (which also has an APK for mobile devices) calculates the best next move depending on your current board. So all you gotta do is recreate the same situation on this site and hit “Calculate Next Move”. Just like this:

Screenshot by Prima Games

And with that, we get our answer as Rd8+. Let’s see if it works out…

Screenshot by Prima Games

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We did it, let’s go! Some other rules were broken in the process, but it’s easy to fix them. Or at least it should be. Regardless of that, the worst part is done. Just be careful not to drown in hot waters within just a few Rules. You’ll get what I mean soon enough. 

Although rare, the result you get might not be the answer you needed. In that case, just try again and see which are the next “best moves”. One of them is certain to be your correct answer. NextChessMove will be accurate most of the time though, so you might not even go through these issues.

If you end up having to restart the game for some reason, don’t forget that the other big roadblock in Rule 14 is also easy to overcome once you use all the tools at your disposal. And you have a lot of them, don’t forget that.

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