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How to Reach Light Level 335 in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will tell you how to rank up fast to achieve 335 Light in Destiny. There are several ways to level up, whether you prefer decrypting Exotic Engrams, battling through PvP, taking on the King’s Fall Raid or the Court of Oryx. Some ways work better than others, but you’ll get your hands on high level gear using these tips.

Loot Drops

Loot usually drops around a Guardian’s current Light level, and sometimes a bit higher. The key involves wearing the best gear you have on hand with the highest ranking. This is also the case when it comes to receiving packages for leveling up alongside Factions, as well as decrypting Engrams.

Wearing the Desolate Armor, for example, you can walk into PvP for a battle, but because of its low three Defense ranking, you’ll end up with a Weapon drop that only has an Attack rating of 85.

Challenge of Elders

The Challenge of Elders is good for earning 335-leveled Weapons and Armor, but there are two things to keep in mind. Number one, it has a Light level of 320, and number two, there’s no matchmaking available, so bring your own Fireteam. 

Before you start, meet Variks at the Reef and pick up the Elder’s Sigil. Think of this as a helpful scorecard that will let you keep track of your score. Meeting the High Score during the week will reward you with a 335 Weapon, while achieving the Cumulative Score will earn you a 335 piece of armor. It’s challenging, but with the right squad, you may be able to do both. On top of that, if you get something you don’t want, you can always do an Infusion with other gear and level it up to 335 based on its 1:1 ratio. We cover Infusion a little bit more below.

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Complete the King’s Fall Raid

If you play the King’s Fall Raid on Hard Mode, you may be able to find gear at 335 Light. That’s not a total shock, since the Raid requires 300 Light to play anyway, as well as 320 when taking on Oryx. Finding a good Fireteam at your level may take some time, but once you have your squad of brave Guardians, you’ll be able to battle Oryx and grab some incredible gear.

The Iron Banner

In the Iron Banner, you can find plenty of 335-leveled Weapons and Gear. Achieving Rank 3 in the game will guarantee you delivery of a Ghost, while getting to Rank 5 will earn you an Artifact. They could be 335 as well, but that’s really up to the RNG, so don’t depend on it too much. It’s worth trying anyway, just to see what you get.

The Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is another weekly event players can try with their Fireteams, as they will earn rewards upon reaching Mercury and getting Weapons and Armor that could be up to level 335 Attack and Defense. Other items in the 330 range will also be available by taking on Bounties. This option is best reserved for experienced players because it’s not easy.

Exotic Engrams

Players who want to get 335 Light the easy way can decrypt Exotic Engrams in the Tower. It helps to have your best Gear on, but drops ranking to 335 could happen as a result.

If you can’t find enough Exotic Engrams to decrypt, grab some Three of Coins (check with Xur if you need some), then take part in PvP and make sure you burn one when starting the round. Court of Oryx is also available, in case PvP isn’t quite your speed.

The Court of Oryx

Even if you’re at a low level, you can take on the Court of Oryx and earn some quality drops. However, keep in mind that drops are only rewarded to the person who initially puts the Rune in place.

Tier 3 is the place to be, since it lets you earn a 335 Artifact, allowing for an easy pick-up. Don’t forget to equip the Three of Coins if you have it on hand, as each one you apply (per round) will help you earn drops. Exotic Engrams can help here as well, as they decrypt around 335.

Visit Lord Shaxx!

Once you wrap up the Crucible quests introduced with The Taken King, Lord Shaxx will have a number of Bounties available on a weekly basis, six in all. By finishing these bounties, he’ll reward you with a Weapon or Armor that ranks anywhere between 320 and 335.

While it’s not a guaranteed process for 335-leveled Gear, it’s definitely worth the effort. Make sure you have the best Gear on when you turn in the last Bounty. This will allow you to get a drop at a much higher quality, even better than what you’re wearing.


Infusion is a good way to improve an item you had previously, especially if you fuse it with 335 Light-ranked Gear that you earn from one of these aforementioned methods. The 1:1 ratio guarantees that if you’re trying to fuse one item with a 335 Light item, it’ll raise up to that level as well.

Example time! If you have a 310 piece of Gear and a 315 one manages to drop (from a decrypted Engram or drop), you can infuse them together and have a 315-ranked item as a result. This will also raise your Light, with better opportunity for items to drop or decrypt at higher levels.


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