How Old is Pinocchio in Lies of P? – Answered

Do we know how old this puppet actually is?

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It’s always interesting to see a game developer take a classic fairy tale and turn it into something dark, mysterious, and, most importantly, creepy as all Hell. Lies of P brings the classic tale of Pinocchio to life in a new setting, all while completely flipping the world we’ve known for years. The first thing that you’ll likely notice is Pinocchio himself, who happens to look completely different than normal; he actually looks like a real boy. But how old is this version of Pinocchio?

Does Pinocchio Have An Age In Lies Of P?

Throughout the journey you experience guiding Pinocchio through this gothic-inspired version of his normal story, you may wonder if you’ll ever discover his age. Unfortunately, you never find his official age throughout this story, but he is technically age-less since he is a Puppet Mechanoid.

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However, on a more human level, our hero appears to be anywhere from the age of 15 to 20, but it is unclear if he would age the same as a regular human or if his appearance has looked the same throughout his created life. So, even if this version of Pinocchio has only been “alive” for a few months, he may have always had this particular appearance.

Unfortunately, there are no hints at Pinocchio’s real age throughout the story, so we can only theorize from this point forward. While we think that Lies of P is an excellent time, some expanded story portions could be pushed out in the future. DLC, anyone?

No matter if you’re hoping to finally get past the dreaded Parade Master or want to know if you should use the item he drops or not, we’ve got you covered in our Lies of P section below. With a variety of different features that help separate it from other Souls-likes on the market, you’re in for the ride of your life, no matter how old you may appear to be.

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