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How Long is Far Cry New Dawn?

by Prima Games Staff

Far Cry New Dawn is another open world game in Ubisoft’s expansive catalogue, but it’s not quite a full new entry in the series. This news has many potential players wondering just how long Far Cry New Dawn really is. Far Cry games can often rack up over 40 hours in length, and Ubisoft’s other series like Assassin’s Creed can be even longer. New Dawn looks to be a shorter experience, but just how short? Read on to find out how long Far Cry New Dawn is.

How Long is Far Cry New Dawn?

As you might expect, Far Cry New Dawn has a range of collectibles for you to chase down, but if you stick to the main story then you’ll have 13 missions to beat in total. Each of these takes around 15-30 minutes. For most players who complete the main story and a good chunk of the side content, expect this to take around 10-15 hours, which is notably shorter than most titles in the series.

If you’re after the full hoard then you’ll need to track down Guns/Fangs for Hire, liberate 10 Outposts, recruit nine specialists, take part in seven Expeditions, and pick up all the hidden Treasures, Music Players and Photographs. If you’ve already played Far Cry 5, you’ll probably manage this a lot quicker than someone who hasn’t, as New Dawn takes place on the same map of Montana. Collecting everything will take around 20 hours, or up to 30 if you’re taking your time.

Overall Far Cry New Dawn is a great deal shorter than previous entries in the series, and if you’re already comfortable making your way around Hope County then it’s only the Expeditions that’ll push you into new areas. Still, for a shorter bite of Far Cry action, New Dawn will keep you occupied for a good 20 hours if you enjoy exploring open world games and collecting goodies from your map.

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