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How To Defeat the Grim Reaper In the Original Castlevania

by Prima Games Staff

Considering the announcement of the NES Mini earlier this week, we thought it would be a good time to revisit one of the best games being included on the system – Konami’s Castlevania!

For this tips guide, we’re providing tips on how to bring down one of the toughest bosses you’ll come across in the game – the Grim Reaper!

When the Grim Reaper first starts attacking you, he’ll throw a few sickles your way. Use your whip to deflect them so you won’t take any damage. He won’t try to rush you or anything – he’s particularly slow – but he does have a lot of power, so be patient when it comes to hitting him.

Reaper will continue to waiver around the screen, so don’t get in contact with him. Instead, try to hit him from a distance, and keep moving around if you need to.

The axe and boomerang, traditional weapons in the Castlevania series, are excellent choices for attacking ol’ Grimus, but the holy water is your best bet. If you throw this right at him, you can land multiple hits, and even take out any sickles he may try to throw at you as a result. Make sure you load up on hearts so you have plenty of these to throw around – and be patient! Time your throws so that the holy water hits him for maximum effect.

You can try to whip the Grim Reaper as well, but the secondary weapons are your best bet. Keep plugging away and remember to watch your step! He’ll be done in no time, and you can move on to your primary goal – Count Dracula. 

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