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Horizon Zero Dawn – All New Skills in The Frozen Wilds

by Josh Hawkins

Horizon Zero Dawn has received its first DLC, bringing an entire new area and over fifteen hours of additional gameplay to Aloy’s story. There’s a plethora of new content included in the DLC, the least of which is an entirely new skill tree called the Traveler Skill Tree. In this article we’ll go over all the new skills in The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, what they allow you to do, and even how much they’ll cost you to acquire.

All New Skills in The Frozen Wilds

Horizon Zero Dawn already head a ton of great skills for players to choose from, and the new DLC—The Frozen Wilds—only adds more to the jam-packed lineup of great skills. Introducing an entirely new skill tree into the equation, players will now be able to purchase a total of eight new skills from the Traveler skill tree. This skill tree focuses on mounted interactions, as well as repairing your friendly machines—all of which are things that Horizon Zero Dawn fans have wanted since the game’s initial launch in February of this year.

Like any of the other skills included in the game, these are going to cost you, and you can check out our guide on how to level up quickly for more help earning skill points quickly. With that out of the way, let’s dive head first into these new skills.

Mounted Pickup

This first skill is self-explanatory, and it’s something that many fans have wanted for a long time. Since the game’s initial release, harvesting items has required you to hop off your mount, pick the item, and then hop back on the mount. Now, however, you can do it all from the comfort of your Broadhead—or Strider, if you happen to be one of those people. This skill costs 1 Skill Point to acquire.

Mount Repair

The second skill in the Traveler skill tree is Mount Repair. This is the first time players will be able to repair their mounts, thereby allowing them to hold onto them for much longer periods of time. This skill will cost 2 Skill Points to unlock.

Machine Repair

Tired of your overridden machines dying all the time? Once you’ve purchased this skill for 3 Skill Points you’ll be able to use your precious Metal Shards to repair your overridden machines easily.

Mount Repair +

This upgraded version of the Mount Repair skill costs 3 Skill Points to acquire, but it allows you to increase your mounts health and repair it at a much quicker pace, making it even easier to repair your Broadhead, Strider, or whatever other mount you choose to roll with.

Shard Salvager

The first skill in the second lineup of the Traveler skill tree is the Shard Salvager skill. This skill costs 1 Skill Point to pick up, but it will allow you to disassemble resources and modifications into 50% of their Metal Shard value. You’ll still be better off selling them to a merchant, but this will make getting Shards a bit easier if you need to clear out some inventory space and aren’t near a village.

Expert Carver

Increase the chance of looting items like Skins, Bones, Lenses, and Hearts by acquiring this skill for 2 Skill Points.


If you’ve already maxed out your inventory space, and you still have trouble keeping your resources satchel cleaned out, then this skill is well worth the 3 Skill Points that it will cost you to pick up. It increases your Resource inventory slots by 20%, giving you some extra room to store the items that you need to craft your favorite ammunition and bombs.

Dismount Strike

Perhaps our favorite skill in the new skill tree, this skill will cost you 3 Skill Points to acquire, but it’s well worth the price, as it allows you to press the Square button and launch Aloy from the back of her mount and into a striking attack that deals a moderate amount of damage, and is more than enough to take down humans and small machines in one hit.

These are all the new skills that players can pick up from the Traveler skill tree introduced in The Frozen Wilds. For more help in the game be sure to check out our Horizon Zero Dawn guide. Also, make sure you head over to our guide on how to start The Frozen Wilds if you’re having trouble getting the DLC kicked off.

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