Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Show Four New Relic Sets Possibly Coming in Future Updates

Bringing Jing Yuan back from the A-tier of Damage Dealers

Astral Express Crew in Honkai: Star Rail
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With so many new characters coming out in Honkai: Star Rail, it’s about time for some new relic sets to drop. Leaks have alleged that players will soon see not only two new Relics but also two new Planar Ornaments. This will benefit the characters set to release in the future patches, but may even be better for characters currently in the game. Here’s what we know of the four new relic sets possibly coming to Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail – All Leaked Information for New Relic Sets

Because these are leaks, not only is this information not confirmed by the HoYoverse game developers, but it may not be the final numbers and percentages you see here. Even now, some of the following relics have not yet decided on what the numbers will be when they are finally released and are probably still in testing. But if relics are close to what we see here in terms of benefitting certain characters, then these relics will be good for the upcoming characters and can replace some of the old sets if you want to buff your current characters.

The two new relic sets are tentatively called the Prisoner of Deep Confinement and Grand Duke Incinerated Ashes. Prisoner of Deep Confinement is a set that will be good for Nihility characters and those dealing Damage over Time. Not only does it increase Attack, but for each DoT effect on an enemy, it’ll ignore a certain percentage of Defense. This will let Damage increase and leave your enemies all the weaker. This set will benefit Topaz as well as current characters, Sampo, Kafka, and Luka. 

Grand Duke Incinerated to Ashes is a set that’ll benefit characters who deal Follow-Up Damage which is typically Erudition characters. This set could greatly buff Jing Yuan who has been power-crept from recent characters such as Imbibitor Lunae. This set increases the damage Follow-Up Attacks and the more attacks it does, the percentage will continue to increase in Damage. Aside from Jing Yuan, this set could do well for Argentin, Himeko, and perhaps Qingque. 

In addition to two new Relic Sets, the Simulated Universe will also get another world that’ll introduce two new Planar Ornament Sets. The numbers on one of these sets are still uncertain so it is separated by the approximate percentages leaks have been based on. The two new Planar Ornaments are Firmament Frontline Glamoth and the Penacony Land of the Dreams. 

The first of which, Firmament Frontline Glamoth, is one of the sets that increases Attack Percentage as well as Damage based on how much Speed the character has. This can either be done as flat Speed for the character or boosted through Asta within the battle. So now players can choose between aiming to increase Attack for their characters or Damage. 

The other set, Penacony Land of the Dreams, is a set that will be based on Energy Regeneration Rate and increase that first and foremost. The added effect will increase damage for characters whose element matches the wearer’s. This will be great for players who play around Mono-teams such as the ever-popular Quantum. Now your team of Seele, Silver Wolf, Lynx, and Fu Xuan. This set can either be set on Fu Xuan or Lynx since they are the few that require the most energy to continue casting their Skills and ensuring the safety of their team. This can be implemented into other mono-teams as long as you patch your support to your DPS.

Although these stats aren’t set in stone, their effects will greatly increase the diversity with which you can build your current characters and plan for the future ones coming out. So don’t grind away for relics just yet. Some of these sets may just prove to be better than the ones that currently exist in the game. Save up your Trailblazer Fuel and tackle Traces instead so you can be prepared for all the exciting characters coming out.

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