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Hogwarts Legacy on Keyboard + Mouse vs Controller: Which is Better?

How to 360 no scope with a magic wand

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Hogwarts Legacy on Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller Which is Better

If you play the game on a console, this question will be less bothersome, but for all the PC Wizards and Witches (and judging by the insane number of players on the Steam Charts, there are some), the choice between a controller and a mouse & keyboard in Hogwarts Legacy can be debatable. So, let’s try and find out which one is superior.

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Hogwarts Legacy on Keyboard + Mouse vs Controller: Which is Better?

So, the age-old question – controller or a mouse and keyboard combo? Humanity has been dealing with this problem for several decades, and there is still no concrete answer in sight. Although this difficult choice is mostly related to FPS games, some hardcore PC gamers like to make it a thing for just about anything else as well. But, realistically, as Hogwarts Legacy is not an FPS, but a third-person action, it seems logical that a gamepad should be a better choice here.

However, our favorite new Wizarding World simulator is an open-world game that, with some systems that dangerously resemble MMO titles, include many things you can click on, item management, and the like – so do keyboard and mouse actually have any advantage here?

Well, not so much. You should definitely stick with the controller for the best experience, and play on keyboard and mouse only if:

  • You play in front of a monitor, not on a big TV
  • Your aim on the controller is horrible

Hogwarts Legacy is not Counter-Strike, but sometimes you do need to aim, and if you are one of those people who just can’t aim with a controller to save their life, you should definitely use the mouse. Also, knowing the PC mod scene, sooner or later someone will mod firearms in Hogwarts Legacy so you can have a true PC experience with keyboard & mouse, set that FOV to the max, and 360 no scope everything.

At the end of the day, the answer is the same as always – it is a personal preference, so whatever you use, be sure to have fun in Hogwarts Legacy and check some of our intensive coverage of this title.

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