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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Flip a Dugbog on its Back

Flip that Dugbog!

by Joe Greene
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Dugbogs are a surprisingly difficult creature to defeat in Hogwarts Legacy. With tons of health and heavy damaging attacks, players will need to proceed with caution when facing Dugbogs. One way to easily defeat a Dugbog is to flip it on its back and attacking it. Doing so will also complete one of the Dueling Feats challenges, which rewards the player with XP and brings them closer to 100% completion. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to flip a Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy!

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Flip a Dugbog on its Back – Dueling Feat Challenge

While a Dugbog can be flipped on its back with any of the Force spells, using the Summoning Charm seems to be the most consistent way to flip them.

Simply walk up to a Dugbog, dodge its initial attack, and use the Accio spell on it to easily flip it onto its back. It is important to dodge the initial attack so that you have plenty of time and space to cast the summoning charm.

One may think that Flipendo would be the best spell to accomplish this, however many players will struggle to flip the Dugbog with Flipendo or any of the other force spells.

It is as simple as that! If you successfully manage to flip the Dugbog, you will complete the Dueling Feat challenge and receive a nice XP boost.

How to Unlock Accio in Hogwarts Legacy

Accio is unlocked extremely early in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, Accio is learned from Abraham Ronen in the first Charms Class in the game.

You will most likely already have learned the Summoning Charm by the time you are looking to flip a Dugbog on its back, however it is still good to know how to unlock Accio if you have not already!

Now that you know how to flip a Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy, its time to get out there and flip one!

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