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Hearthstone – Powerful Card Combos

by Bryan Dawson

Hearthstone is a game that requires a bit of luck to perform well. Even if you have a great deck, you’re still bound by your draw order. Even your opponent’s draw order impacts the flow of a game and adds a bit to the randomness factor in Hearthstone. However, one thing that helps to balance this are the numerous card combo attacks that allow players to inflict considerable damage, clear the board, or perform other various tasks that would be difficult with only a single card. Here are some of the best Hearthstone combos we’ve found.

Priest: Injured Blademaster with Circle of Healing

The Injured Blademaster is a solid turn 3 card for a Priest. Even with the immediate injury, it’s still a 3-mana 4/3 card. However, when you add Circle of Healing, which is a 0-mana card, you get the full force of the Blademaster as it becomes 4/7. It can be very troublesome for an opponent to have to deal with a 4/7 on turn 3, which should help to give you early board control, or at least make the opponent spend some valuable resources getting rid of the Blademaster.

Shaman: Ancestral Spirit with Cairne Bloodhoof

The Shaman’s Ancestral Spirit ability to resurrect a destroyed minion is a great card to combo with pretty much any card that has a deathrattle, charge, or some other similar function. However, when you combine it with the Cairne Bloodhoof Legendary card, which summons a 4/5 minion once destroyed, you’re essentially getting four solid minions out of a single combo. Granted, this combo is broken up if the opponent has a silence card available, and it’s a late game combo costing 8-mana in total, but it can wreck havoc on an opponent during the late game if they don’t have silence readily available.

Priest: Auchenai Soulpriest with Circle of Healing

This is a unique combo for Priests that gives them a powerful AoE attack. On the down side, it hits every minion on the battlefield for four damage, which includes friendly minions. On the plus side, it’s only 4-mana and will quickly allow you to regain board control, or at least clear the board. Couple this with some other healing cards (Circle of Healing), and you can return your minions to full health, but it’s best to use this combo when you don’t have any minions in play.

Rogue: Deadly Poison or Assassin’s Blade with Blade Flurry

By default, the Rogue doesn’t have many AoE attacks like some of the other classes. However, Blade Fury allows her to deal the damage of her weapon to all enemies (including the enemy character). While this works well with the Rogue’s basic hero power and Deadly Poison, it becomes even more potent with Assassin’s Blade. If you need a stronger AoE, there it is. It’s hard to imagine an opponent maintaining board control after something like this.

Druid: Force of Nature with Savage Roar

Druids can be pretty deadly, and this card combo is just one example. Force of Nature summons three 2/2 minions with charge, while Savage Roar gives all minions and the Druid himself, +2 attack. That means without any other minions in play, the Druid can now inflict 14 points of damage. At the cost of 9-mana, this is a late game play, which means it could easily finish off an opponent, especially if there are no taunt cards to store you from attacking face (the opposing hero).

Rogue: Leeroy Jenkins with Shadowstep

As with many other Legendary cards, Leeroy Jenkins is a late game card that generally wins you matches. When you couple Leeroy with Shadowstep, it becomes an 8-mana combo that inflicts 12 damage. This is best used when there are no enemy taunts in play so you can attack face (the opposing hero) without issue. Play Leeroy, attack face, then use Shadowstep to put Leeroy back in your deck and immediately play him again for another attack. You’ll summon four 1/1 minions for your opponent, but keep in mind this is a late game combo that’s supposed to finish off your opponent.

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