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Harvestella: Can you Change Appearance after Character Customization? – Answered

Skills to pay the... improve the looks!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Harvestella Can you Change Appearance after Character Customization

Harvestella is finally here! Square Enix sure has a lot in store for this 2022 season, from JRPGs to Strategy JRPGs to strange new genre-crossing experiments like Harvestella, there is something for everyone.

We already explained how character customization works in Harvestella, and from there we concluded that the editor doesn’t really give much freedom. Although it seems to give a lot of options, your main character will always look more or less the same – you can possibly change his hair color, eyes, and voice. But is it possible to change your appearance more, later in the game, like wearing a new outfit? Let’s find out if you can change appearance after character customization in Harvestella.

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Harvestella: Can you Change Appearance after Character Customization?

Although in Harvestella there is no way to buy a new outfit or a cosmetic item and add it to your character, it is possible to unlock and change various jobs that come with different outfits.

As the game progresses, you can unlock many different jobs including Fighter, Mage, Assault Savant, Sky Lancer, Shadow Walker, Mechanic, Woglinde, Avenger, Pilgrim, Lunamancer, and possibly more.

Each job brings with it a job-related appearance that is reflected in a different outfit for the main character. You can change jobs on the fly to adapt to the situation in battle and to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses with job-specific special attacks. To unlock most of the jobs in Harvestella, you will need to increase your relationship status with many NPCs, and that can only happen a little bit later in the game.

The good thing about job-specific outfits is that you will be able to wear them even when you are not in battle, i.e. you’re finally able to change your default appearance in the game. Cheers!

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