How to Craft Repair Kits in Harvestella

Always be prepared.

Harvestella has a lot of crafting; like seriously, you’re going to craft a ton in this game. Recipes will be obtained from various challenges, story beats, and purchases from the general store. You’ll always need to prepare when going into dungeons and ensure you’re stocked up on supplies before heading out for the day. You never know what you might need. Here’s how to craft repair kits in Harvestella.

How to Craft Repair Kits in Harvestella

Repair Kits allow you to repair broken bridges inside dungeons. These can either act as a useful shortcut or a way to gain some extra treasure. The first time you encounter a broken bridge, your party member Dianthus will give you a repair kit and teach you how to use it.

However, after that, it’s up to you to craft and bring your own repair kits moving forward. So it’s always a good idea to have one or two on you when exploring a new space. You’ll absolutely want whatever loot is on the other side of these bridges.

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You can craft repair kits on the workbench in your house. The recipe is as follows.

  • 1: Lumber
  • 1: Hard Stone

Luckily, these requirements are pretty basic. If you’ve been gathering and mining around as your play, you already have a plethora of these materials good to go.

Crafting a repair kit will take 20 minutes of your day, and actually repairing a bridge will take one hour. So make sure you’re spending your time wisely to ensure you’re not out past midnight and collapse from exhaustion.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to craft repair kits in Harvestella. If you’re having trouble with some other mechanics in the game, be sure to take a look at how to save in Harvestella because it’s trickier than you might initially think.

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