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Best Ways to Make Money (Grilla) in Harvestella

Earn some cash fast.

by Jesse Vitelli

Harvestella is all about making money. You plant, grow, and harvest crops to sell for profit. You raise livestock and other various animals to trade them for profit. You even kill monsters in the pursuit of, you guessed it, profit. Here are the best ways to make money (Grilla) in Harvestella.

Best Ways to Make Money (Grilla) in Harvestella

So the first way you’ll make money fast in Harvestella is by planting and harvesting crops. Early on, this is going to be a slow burn, but it is your most consistent source of revenue. Start with low-cost crops like Dress Lettuce and Carrops.

As soon as you can start planting Nemean Tomatoes, do it. You’ll obtain these as dungeon chest rewards and mining. You won’t be able to purchase them from the general store for a while, so be on the lookout for the seeds in dungeons, specifically Heaven’s Egg in Chapter 3. Nemean Tomatoes are so beneficial because they can be re-harvested and don’t require the purchase of additional seeds every time you harvest. This makes them a low-cost, high-profit crop.

Side Quests

After you complete the first dungeon and move into the next stage of Harvestella, you’ll unlock the ability to complete side-quests around town. These are indicated by a white diamond with an exclamation point. Completing these somewhat short quests can yield up to 1,000 Grilla. Most sidequests can be done in under an hour in-game time.

Side Quests are limited, and more will pop up over time, but make sure you’re knocking them off as you see them to ensure a healthy flow of Grilla.

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Character Stories

These are far less frequent than Side Quests but will net you some powerful rewards. While they don’t outright give you Grilla, you’ll begin to increase your relationship with story characters, and they will give you gifts. You can then turn around and sell these gifts for extra cash when needed.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Anything you do not need or have an excess of, throw in the shipping box. As you progress through dungeons and fight more monsters, you’ll be swimming in raw materials and other goodies you can sell. Be on the lookout for Black Pearls and Star Crystals as they have a high sell price and can supplement your crop harvest every day.


Cooking meals and selling them will also net you far more Grilla than simply selling the raw materials. Once you can craft the Flour Mill and Juicers, use those to help make ingredients to cook with. This will make you money much quicker.

Well, those are some of the best ways to make money (Grilla) in Harvestella. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. Here’s how to save because it’s trickier than you might think.