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How to Equip New Jobs in Harvestella

It's a job in itself.

by Jesse Vitelli

Harvestella has a pretty robust Job system. You can switch classes on the fly in a battle to take advantage of enemy weaknesses, and each Job has its own set of spells, skills, and benefits. As you begin to unlock more and more of the classes in the game, it can be tricky to navigate how actually to use them. Here is how to equip new jobs in Harvestella.

How to Equip New Jobs in Harvestella

As you progress through Harvestella, you will unlock new jobs at key points in the story. You start out with the primary fighter job, but it will unlock mage, sky lancer, and more. However, these aren’t automatically equipped. You can have three jobs equipped at any time to switch between at will, but you need actually to set them up on your character first.

Hit the + button to access the main menu, go to the “Party” tab and then click only our character. Here you will see the Fighter job and two empty spaces below it. Click on one of them to equip one of your other classes. Now they will be tied to your hotkeys when in battle.

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To switch jobs in battle, hold ZL and use one of the directional buttons to switch to the corresponding job assigned to that button.

As you unlock more and more jobs, be sure to update your hotkeys to have ones that are suitable for the dungeon you’re going into. Fighter has some solid fire attacks, the Mage can be an elemental master, and something like Sky Lancer focuses on wind-based attacks. Make sure you have as many elements covered as you can.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to equip jobs in Harvestella. Check out more of our coverage on the game, such as how to save in Harvestella or where to find bombs and how to use them.