Gravity Crash Portable: All Trophies Listed

The path to the Gravity Crash Portable Platinum trophy

It has been nearly fourteen years since the release of Gravity Crash, a PlayStation-exclusive arcade-style shooter that initially launched for the PS3 back in November 2009, followed by a PSP version in 2010 and a Vita edition in 2014. Thanks to PlayStation Plus, the game’s PSP iteration, Gravity Crash Portable, has officially arrived on PS4 and PS5 for premium tier subscribers to the PlayStation game streaming service. Here is the full list of trophies in Gravity Crash Portable, including their respective rarity.

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Gravity Crash Portable Trophies

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While the original Gravity Crash included a list of trophies for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, the newest edition has been upgraded to feature platinum trophies for both its PS4 and PS5 versions.

Professional Pilot (Platinum Trophy)

Unlock all trophies in Gravity Crash Portable.

The Training Wheels Are Off (Bronze Trophy)

Complete all Pilot Training missions.

Akwia Lurker (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the boss in the Basix system.

Amarosk Experiment (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the boss in the Feraskova system.

Uwawu Tunneler (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the boss in the Lakanga system.

Heliaal Monstrosity (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the boss in the Noort system.

Saisyuu Hakai Mystery (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the boss in the Katsura system.

Alluring Emerald Gleam (Bronze Trophy)

Collect 50 green gems.

Look at the Amber Glow (Bronze Trophy)

Collect 25 orange gems.

Azure Hues (Silver Trophy)

Collect 10 blue gems.

Crystal Royalty (Silver Trophy)

Collect 5 purple gems.

A Poor Place to Call a Taxi (Silver Trophy)

Rescue 10 stranded crewmen across the galaxy.

None Left Behind (Silver Trophy)

Rescue all stranded crewmen in any mission that has them.

I Wonder What These Do (Silver Trophy)

Discover 5 artifacts hidden across the galaxy.

Claim Your Territory (Silver Trophy)

Discover and activate a node in Campaign or Planet Mode.

More Bang for Your Buck (Silver Trophy)

Collect an extra life in Campaign Mode.

Destructive Spirit (Silver Trophy)

Destroy 100 objects across the galaxy.

Galactic Menace (Silver Trophy)

Destroy 250 objects across the galaxy.

Hit ‘Em with the Trickshot (Silver Trophy)

Defeat an enemy with reflective fire.

Close Call! (Silver Trophy)

Touch a wall with your shield active.

Offensive Defense (Silver Trophy)

Defeat an enemy with your shield.

Attractive Guidance (Silver Trophy)

Cause two homing missiles to collide with one another.

Abandon Ship! (Silver Trophy)

Cause an enemy spaceship to crash due to gravity.

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Too Close for Comfort (Silver Trophy)

Cause a mine to explode by proximity.

Emergency Refuel (Silver Trophy)

Refuel your ship after depleting all fuel.

Emergency Extraction (Silver Trophy)

Finish a level after depleting all fuel.

Focused on the Mission (Silver Trophy)

Finish any level in under the par time.

Can’t Hide from My Radar (Silver Trophy)

Discover a secret passage.

Premium Stock (Gold Trophy)

Defeat an elite unit.

Explored the Unknown (Silver Trophy)

Score 60,000 points in Campaign Mode.

Earning Your Tenure (Silver Trophy)

Score 30,000 points in Survivor Mode.

Nothing’s Safe from Me (Silver Trophy)

Score 10,000 points in Planet Mode.

Mission Oriented (Silver Trophy)

Survive for 3 rounds in Survivor Mode.

Law of the Arcade (Silver Trophy)

Earn an extra life in Gold Grabber.

As Good as Gold (Silver Trophy)

Reach level 5 in Gold Grabber.

Exploring That Creative Spark (Bronze Trophy)

Create a level in Editor and save it.

Those are all of the Gravity Crash Trophies listed. If you want more PlayStation Plus trophy hunting on Prima Games, check out the Twisted Metal 2 trophy list.

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