Genshin Impact: Adventurer’s Trials – Sequential Trial: 3 Guide

Trials and more trials.

Genshin Impact Event Adventurer's Trials

On the third day of Adventurer’s Trials, the current event in Genshin Impact version 3.2 brings new minigames for you to play around with, but also with some repetition on the board. This multiplayer-focused party is a new approach for events that lets you play some specific characters in some of the most creative and non-intended ways.

In a series of small, fast-paced challenges, complete your objectives to get some Mora, Experience Books and, of course, some sweet Primogems for new characters such as Nahida or the recently announced Wanderer. For that reason, here you’ll learn what you’ll need for completing Sequential Trial: III.

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How to unlock the Adventurer’s Trials event in Genshin Impact

All players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 can access the event via the Events option in the main menu with no prerequisites. It is heavily recommended to take part in multiplayer gameplay, as it makes this event way faster and funnier to participate in. But there’s no harm done in going solo, so it’s your pick here.

How to complete Sequential Trial: 3

You’ll face three different challenges, one followed by another, each using trial characters in a non-conventional way. There’s no stage with two different characters here, and one of them is basically the same from the first day. Your goal is to clear Hammering Blow, Smash ‘n’ Bash, and Fast and Furious.

Hammering Blow

  • Characters: Xiao
  • Objective: Collect 440 Adventure Coins.

More coin grabbing, more spam. The trial allows you to use Xiao’s Burst infinitely and use your higher jumps to reach all the coins. Also, you get to jump endlessly at those trampolines until they break and give you even more coins (ok, it’s not endlessly then).

Smash ‘n’ Bash

  • Characters: Noelle
  • Objective: Destroy 420 blocks.

Same thing from the first day with Razor, but this time we have the Knight of Favonious maid to do some cleaning. You’ll have less destructive power than before, but those blocks will go down quickly regardless, especially when hitting those special ones. Bursting and using a charged attack will be your best bet to complete it quickly.

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Fast and Furious

  • Characters: Yoimiya
  • Objective: Defeat 12 enemies with Shockwaves.

Using Yoimiya’s signature flurry attacks, hit your enemies as fast as possible to create shockwaves and bring them down as soon as you can. They will initially take a little bit before actually damaging the opponent, but the damage soon ranks up as soon as a Super Shockwave is unleashed.

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