Best Build Theories for Nahida in Genshin Impact: Weapons, Artifacts & Team Comps

Tiny, but mighty!

Nahida 3.2
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Nahida may look like a tiny cappuccino next to the grande Archons in our current lineup, but her arrival is going to pave the way for some pretty cool and sporadic new team combinations. Here are the best build theories for Nahida in Genshin Impact, including weapons, artifacts, and team comps.

Nahida’s Skill and Burst in Genshin Impact

Similar to many of the Dendro characters, Nahida is going to have an interesting kit centered around Elemental Mastery. Her normal attack involves an adorable game of hopscotch in which she attacks in a linear pattern in front of her that deals flat Dendro damage. 

And if that wasn’t cute enough, her Skill involves a camera pan where Nahida shapes a view lens to capture enemies in her line of sight. With a limit of up to eight, once Nahida releases this skill, it’ll attack with Dendro damage and target the enemies with a Seed of Skandha. This application links enemies within a certain distance and each time they are attacked with Elemental Reactions, they’ll take extra damage according to Nahida’s Elemental Mastery and ATK. 

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They can also take damage due to any Dendro Cores that are on the field, whether they explode due to time or are triggered by further reactions, such as Hyperbloom or Burgeon. This second part of Nahida’s moveset is called Tri-Karma Purification and can be triggered only once until Nahida resets her targets.

Like the Traveler, her Burst is going to showcase a variety of different effects depending on what type of element is present in her party. So you can either double up on some characters for added effects or mix it up for a variety of combinations whenever she releases her Burst. 

  • Pyro: With Pyro characters in the party, the damage that is dealt from Nahida’s Tri-Karma Purification is increased. You can use to buff your Pyro character’s damage as well as the damage Nahida will deal in conjunction with those Elemental Reactions.
  • Electro: While there are Electro characters in the party, the intervals between Tri-Karma Purification is decreased. 
  • Hydro: With Hydro in the party, the duration that the Shrine of Maya is on the field increases.

Nahida can be on or off the field for any of these effects to activate once the Shrine is deployed and if there are two members on the field that are the same Element, then that Elemental Buff will be increased.

Optimal Weapons for Nahida in Genshin Impact

As a Sub-DPS Dendro character, Nahida’s main focus is going to be on Elemental Mastery. Along with her banner is going to be her best-in-slot Five-Star weapon, A Thousand Floating Dreams, which has a main stat of Elemental Mastery. Its passives include buffing Elemental Mastery more by having characters of the same Type or boosting Elemental Damage for the Elemental Types in the party. But if you’re going to be short on Primos after trying for Nahida, then here are some great replacements that you can use instead.

Every player in Genshin Impact will swear by Sacrificial Fragments as they should. Not only does this weapon also have a main stat in Elemental Mastery, but it has an average of 40 percent chance to allow characters to use their Skill twice. Refining it can increase this percentage and if you have the Sacs to do it, it’s worth combining them into one epic weapon.

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Another good weapon for Nahida might even be The Widsith, which is overall just one of the most overpowered Four-Star weapons, that can have three buffs that interchange. These can include increasing attack by 60 percent, increasing Elemental damage by 48 damage, or increasing Elemental Mastery by 240. Refining this book will only increase those numbers to rival even some Five-Star weapons.

Artifact Sets

Nahida has a couple of options for Artifacts with one of the better two being the new Sumeru finds: Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories. With two pieces in-slot, Gilded Dreams grants 80 Elemental Mastery, and with four pieces in-slot, will increase the team’s attack and Elemental Mastery depending on how many different elemental types are in the party. Deepwood Memories at two pieces will increase Dendro Damage by 15 percent and with four pieces will decrease Enemies’ Dendro Resistance by 30 percent after an Elemental Skill or Burst hits them. 

Other options would include Wanderer’s Troupe which is generally good for catalysts and archers, having two pieces of this set can increase Elemental Mastery which is good to mix with Deepwood Memories and give Nahida’s Dendro damage a boost by 15 percent. Noblesse Oblige which will have a niche use of potentially increasing the types of damage that Nahida can do, this set at two pieces can increase Elemental Burst Damage by 20 percent and at four pieces increase the attack of everyone in the party by 20 percent. This is often used as a support piece but may have a role in helping Nahida do some excellent damage even when she is not on the field.

Team Composition Advice

Genshin has only grown with its team possibilities, there are mono teams, teams that are built around effects such as Bloom or Freeze, and mix-matches that just happen to work and are fun for the player. Dendro embraces all of those possibilities and when using Nahida, these combinations will only grow in insanity. 

Nahida’s signature weapon aside, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in another Dendro character who has the Deepwood Memories four-piece set on them (whether that involves a DPS or Support build). It’ll help with Nahida’s damage by debuffing enemies since the set only requires that it be in the party and not on Nahida. Vice versa can be said for the Gilded Memories four-piece set. She’s a great Dendro applicator and does plenty of damage with her Elemental Skill, so adding in decreased resistance to enemies will only boost that for Nahida and other team comps.

She applies Dendro at a fast pace through attacks and her skill, which combined with Hydro characters, can spawn a lot of Dendro Cores to either explode or activate with another Element such as Electro or Pyro. Thanks to that, you can set up a lot of Dendro Cores on the field and sweep with either Xiangling, Thoma, Diluc, or Yanfei to trigger an explosion of Burgeon.

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This tiny sprout excels as the much-needed Dendro Support and Sub-DPS that many Bloom and Aggravate teams often needed compensating for. For Bloom, your most effective characters to add to the team will be Xingqui, Yelan, Nilou, and Barbara and for Aggravate, characters that are quick with Electro or main in Dendro help alongside Nahida’s activated Elemental Skill. Razor, Fischl, Keqing, Lisa and Cyno will be great for this since they’ll trigger Quicken and Aggravate after you use Nahida, add in a Hydro character for Bloom and you can adjust your roster to a Hyperbloom team.

The Shrine of Maya will give different buffs for her Elemental Skill damage and the Elemental Reactions that encounter them. Even adding one unique element in the party can lead to buffs towards Nahida’s Burst and help her to become an overpowered damage dealer who fronts while everyone supports her. She’s not a character you’re going to want to sleep on, so look forward to a more detailed roster of teams you’re going to want to try her on. 

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