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Gears 5 Collectibles Guide: Where to Find Act 1 Collectibles

Picking your way through the latest in the Gears franchise? Our Gears 5 Collectibles guide for Act will help you find those early-game treasures.
This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

If you fancy yourself a collectible connoisseur, then congratulations — you have a lot in common with most of the Gears 5 fanbase. The franchise has always liked hiding little call backs and items in levels for the most eagle-eyed players to pick up on, and this latest entry in the series is no different. There’s plenty of cool things for you to find if you’re spending time sifting through the rubble in-between chainsawing enemies. Let our Gears 5 Collectibles guide for Act 1 of the game help you get your hot little hands on some early-game Easter eggs. 

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Gears 5 Collectibles Guide: Where to Find Act 1 Collectibles

If you’re looking to find all of the Gears 5 Collectibles, we’ve got one hot tip for you before you start racing away into the sunset looking for an errant photo here or a military tag there. Here we go: it’s fine to turn the difficulty down to its lowest setting when you’re looking for these. You won’t be penalized for it from a trophy or achievement front, and if you’re just wanting to blaze through finding these collectibles as quickly as possible then cutting through your enemies like butter is just the most efficient way for them to manifest. We won’t tell anyone, we promise.

Here’s our list of the collectibles in Act 1, separated by Chapter:

Chapter 1 – Shot in the Dark

  • Onyx Guard Challenge Coin — head to the left once you’ve exited the water, sticking to the cliff wall at the start of the game and you’ll find this on the floor
  • Weathered Spectacles — before you get ahead of yourself, look to the right and you’ll see these glasses perched on a rock as soon as you can maneuver your character
  • COG Tags: Fallen Azura Gear — once you’ve gotten your second skirmish out of the way, ignore the prompts and go to the Infirmary. There’s a collection of bodies, and you’ll be able to loot this from one. 
  • Wellness Advisory Poster — pop your head into the loo for a bit and you’ll see this poster on the left 
  • Chairman’s Wristwatch — head to the Commander’s office but when you reach the landing, take a left instead of following the corridor to find this Gears 5 collectible on the desk
  • Light Missile Strike Authorization — once you’ve cleared out the enemies en route to the office, look for the door to the far east. You’ll see some consoles and one of these is the Lightmass Missile Strike Authorization.
  • UR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints — this is found in the room directly opposite the Office. You’ll be able to access it once Dave has managed to get you in. 

Chapter 2 – Diplomacy 

  • Photograph of Kilo Squad — this is the first thing you see on the desk next to Dave.
  • Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix — when you have the Flash component, pivot to the east. You’ll see some trolleys and you’ll find Marcus Fenix’s trauma record in a pile of papers.
  • Mark 3 Lancer Blueprint — in the same room as the Flash component, look to the west instead towards some crates in the distance. Get up on your tip-toes and you’ll find this blueprint. 
  • DBI Marketing Brochure — there’s a chair by the doors leading into Jinn’s office that will have this Gears 5 collectible on it.
  • Gym Notice to Trainees — once you’ve dealt with Fahz, head over to the lockers to find this collectible.

Chapter 3 – This Is War

  • COG Tags: Fallen Raven Pilot — immediately pan your camera down when the chapter opens and you’ll find this collectible by a dead soldier.
  • The New Ephyran: 20th Anniversary Edition — exit the crash site and make your way forward, stopping at the first office you find. This collectible is hidden in the left portion of this office.
  • Settlement 2 Welcome Package — in the room of civilians (you can’t miss it), head towards the COG soldier who’s blocking the door and hang left into a room that has a guitar. You’ll find the package on a nearby table.
  • Seditious Literature — clear out the first group of enemies and head up some stairs. There’ll be a desk close to the stairwell with this on it.
  • Storied Embry Star — make quick work of Lizzie in the park, and you’ll notice there’s a dilapidated structure by a nearby gate. Head inside, then up the stairs to find this in a drawer. 
  • COG Tags: Fallen Gear at Condor Crash — clean out the park and head over to the Condor shipwreck that you see on the bridge. You’ll find this Gears 5 collectible amongst the rubble.
  • Serian Colossus — if you fancy some light reading, track down the book store after you’ve cleaned out the area of juvies and you’ll find this smack dab in the middle of said store.

Chapter 4 – The Tide Turns

  • COG Tags: Fallen Cog at Hotel — you can find this in the loading dock. Scout around for a blue door and open it before rifling around in a soldier’s belongings for this Gears 5 collectible.
  • Memo to Bohma Staff — don’t leave the loading dock quite yet. Backtrack to where you broke the gate, and you’ll spot a van. Maneuver around it to access the building that it’s in front of, and you’ll find this in plain sight.
  • Settlement 2 Summer Birth Pamphlet — once you’ve made quick work of the Rejects, pass through the golden doors and head down the hidden stairs in the center of the room. Head immediately up the other flight of stairs in the room and over to a purple sign to find this collectible on the nearby table.                  
  • Lost Horse Plush — head back down the stairs into room after picking up the Birth Pamphlet, and you’ll find this abandoned collectible.
  • Worn Lighter — when you’re in the theater, scout around until you’re basically backstage. You’ll see a turn off for a dressing room: don’t take it, but head forward until you’re in the backstage area proper. There’s a flight of stairs leading down to a table with this lighter on it.
  • Song Lyrics — head back up the stairs to the backstage area but this time hang left at the dressing room entrance and loop through the room into a smaller one to find this Gears 5 collectible. 
  • Octus Canon Scroll Prop — leave this area and take your place onstage before going to the lever that activates the curtain. A nearby storage crate will have this sitting pretty on top of it.

Now that you have our full list of all the Gears 5 collectibles in Act 1, breezing through this bit should be easy for you. Check our guides hub for more guides on how to find the other collectibles in the game, and more. 

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