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Friday the 13th Tips – How to Survive, Escape Jason

by Bryan Dawson

Knowing how to survive in the Friday the 13th game is essential, and you can’t survive if you don’t know how to escape Jason. You won’t be able to claim victory as a counselor if you don’t know how to survive in Friday the 13th. Jason has every advantage going into each and every match, so your only hope will be to use this article to learn how to survive in Friday the 13th the game and escape Jason. So let’s get right to it and offer some advice on how you can survive in Friday the 13th and escape from Jason.

As a counselor your goal is to escape the map before Jason kills you. That’s you’re only objective. There are a number of ways you can do this, as well as a number of things you should avoid along the way. You absolutely should not try to engage Jason unless you have no other choice.

Call the Police


  • Locate Phone Box.
  • Locate Phone Box Fuse.
  • Repair Phone Box.
  • Locate Phone.
  • Call the Police.
  • Get to Police before Jason gets you.

The easiest way to survive and win a match as a counselor is by simply calling the police. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it may sound. In order to call the police you need to find the cabin with the phone box. More often than not the phone box will be broken and smoking when you find it on the outside wall of one of the buildings on the map.

To fix the phone box, you need to find the Phone Box Fuse, which is usually located in a nearby house. Search through all of the draws inside all nearby houses until you find the Phone Box Fuse. Once you have it, head back over to the phone box and repair it. Usually the phone is inside the building where you found phone box, so head instead and make a call to the police.

Once the police have been called, you need to wait five minutes for them to show up. During this time you should head toward the main highway. The police will show up on either side of the main highway, which is the large road running along one edge of the map. If you haven’t found the map, just follow the roads until you reach what looks like a major freeway.

Get as close to the main road as possible before the police arrive. If you wait until they show up before you start heading toward the main road, Jason will be able to wait near the police and attack anyone who approaches. It’s best to get close before the police arrive so you don’t have as far to go.

Fix the Car or Boat


  • Locate the car or boat.
  • Find the car battery.
  • Find fuel for the car or boat.
  • Find the keys to the car or the propeller for the boat.
  • Drive the car or boat out of the map.

The biggest issue with trying to escape by fixing the car or boat is that it takes a lot of work and you’ll need some luck or some really good teamwork to pull it off. First you need to either find the map or the car or boat on your own. The map will show you exactly where the car or boat are located, but someone usually spawns near them anyway.

Once you know where the car or boat is located, you need to find keys and battery to the car, a propeller for the boat and fuel for both. You can usually find at least one of the items you need to get these vehicles working in a nearby building. Search through the drawers for the car keys, but the battery, propeller and fuel will usually be sitting in plain sight. You may have to venture out a bit to find all of the items you need. It should also be noted that you can’t carry the battery, fuel or propeller, and a weapon at the same time. It’s one or the other, so be careful not to run into Jason once you pick these items up.

With all of the items ready to go you need to repair the vehicle of choice. This is another mini-game that requires you to press one of two buttons when prompted (R1 or L1 on PS4, RB or LB on Xbox). Every time you miss an input, it will take you longer to fix the vehicle and Jason will be able to sense what you’re doing if he’s close enough.

Fix the vehicle of your choice, then you can head away from the camp to survive. The type of vehicle you choose determines how many people you can take with you. The cars will hold two or four people, while the boat usually holds two people. Gather some people with you (making it easier to find all of the items) or save yourself if you find everything on your own.

Calling Tommy Jarvis

Once at least one player has been killed or survives, you can find the large CB radio and call Tommy Jarvis for help. One player who is no longer playing will be selected at random to spawn back into the game as Tommy Jarvis. Jarvis has increased stats compared to a normal counselor, and also spawns into the game with a shotgun. Unfortunately, the shotgun only has a single shot, so you need to make sure it counts.

Tommy Jarvis is not invincible and calling him is far from a guaranteed win. If your objective is to save time or even to kill Jason, Tommy can do that. However, it takes a lot to bring down Jason. A single shot is not enough, so you’ll need to team up with Tommy if that’s your objective. You’ll need multiple weapons to bring him down, and since each counselor can only carry a single weapon, you need several people in a group, or you need to be around several weapons so you can pick them up when your current weapon breaks.

Ideally, Tommy will just give you more time to escape. If Jason is hit with the shotgun, he is down for longer than any other weapon. Use this time to get away so he can’t sense you once he’s free from the down time. It’s best to have Tommy escort you to the car, boat or police to serve as a distraction while the counselors make it out alive.

Dropped Items

Fixing the car, boat or phone box requires some specific items. Unfortunately, if you die while holding any of these items, they fall next to your dead body. If it wasn’t hard enough to locate the items when they’re in or around cabins, if someone drops the items after dying this makes it extremely difficult to recover unless you witnessed the death (in which case you’re probably dead too).

If you have difficulty finding any of the items needed to fix the car, boat or phone box, take a look at the player list and see who has died. There’s a good chance one of them dropped an item you need and you’ll have to track down the body to recover the item.

Escape from Jason

There are two ways to escape from Jason once he grabs you. The first if by finding the pocket knife and keeping it in your inventory. As long as you have it on you, you’ll automatically stab Jason and escape his clucthes if he grabs you. The alternative is to rapidly press the escape button which you’ll see a prompt for once Jason grabs you. Unfortunately, if Jason performs an execution before you mash out of his grasp, you’ll die. Usually you can escape once by mashing rapidly, but after that Jason has enough time to kill you before you can escape again.

Avoiding Jason

Jason has every advantage in the book when it comes to hunting you down, but there are some things you can do to help avoid being killed. If you run it’s easier for Jason to spot you, and he can find you from farther away. While crouching and remaining still makes it harder for Jason to find you, if he’s close enough his Sense ability will show a red outline of your location, even if you’re hiding in the woods or behind a rock.

Running into a house is generally a safe option, but once you’re inside you need lock all the doors and open all of the windows. Keep in mind, making noise inside a building will still alert Jason to your presence. The entire building will light up red if Jason uses his Sense ability and you’re making too much noise. Just because you’re inside does not mean you can freely run without consequence. Stay crouched and move slowly to avoid making too much noise, and never leave through a door if you can avoid it. Close the doors, lock them, then leave through a window if you need to go.

If you come face to face with Jason, make sure you have a weapon of some sort. Hitting Jason with almost any weapon will stun him for a short time. Usually this stun is long enough for you to run into another building and hide, making it difficult for Jason to find you again, even with his Sense ability. It’s much easier for Jason to spot you out in the open than it is for him to find you inside a building. Even if his Sense ability alerts him that you’re inside, he won’t know exactly where you’re at.

If you’re inside and you hear Jason breaking in, go out a window and make a run for it. Chances are he just used his Sense ability, so he won’t be able to spot you again until it’s available to use. Each ability has a fairly lengthy cooldown period, so you have enough time to escape to a new hiding place more often than not. While it’s possible to kill Jason, you are at a severe disadvantage and it’s better to just run for a new hiding place until you can figure out the best way to escape.

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Bryan Dawson

Bryan Dawson has an extensive background in the gaming industry, having worked as a journalist for various publications for nearly 20 years and participating in a multitude of competitive fighting game events. He has authored over a dozen strategy guides for Prima Games, worked as a consultant on numerous gaming-related TV and web shows and was the Operations Manager for the fighting game division of the IGN Pro League.