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Fortnite Save the World Update – Ventures, Early Access, and New Season Structure

by Andrew Smith

A new Fortnite Save the World update has been announced by Epic, and it’s a big one. Not only will it change the game mode’s seasonal structure, but it will also finally be leaving early access and will introduce a new feature called Ventures. Here’s what we know about the major Save the World update in Fortnite.

Fortnite Save the World Update Patch Notes

In traditional Epic fashion, there aren’t true patch notes for the Save the World update, but there is a developer’s blog that shares what changes are coming to the game. Perhaps the biggest content change is the addition of the new Fortnite Save the World Ventures mode, and the goal of it is “long term replayability,” according to Epic. Each season of the new Venture mode will include a new “path of continued progression” and “fresh seasonal levels to climb.” As players level up in Ventures, they’ll find better weapons and rewards, and will eventually be able to unlock “Supercharger” materials that will allow players to upgrade their current collection of items. While Epic didn’t share a release date for the Ventures mode, it did say that more updates would be coming soon. 

On the other hand, perhaps the biggest non-content related announcement is that Epic will finally be dropping the “Early Access” label from both the Save the World and Battle Royale mode. It was always a bit humorous that one of the biggest games in the world was still considered to be in early access despite its smashing success and support, so it’s nice to see Fortnite finally move out of early access and into the big leagues. 

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Another announcement from the Fortnite Save the World update changed up how the season structure works, mainly it will be separated from the Battle Royale seasons going forward and will run on its own schedule. Further, once Save the World leaves early access, it will be a paid experience and will not be going down the free-to-play route. Lastly, the mode will no longer support all of the Battle Royale cosmetics and will begin having its own line of in-game items players can purchase for their character.

It seems that Epic has completed the main story of its Save the World mode and will now be focusing on “post-launch” content, so to speak. However, Epic is promising that the world will continue to expand and evolve through the upcoming Ventures update and will give players plenty of new content to enjoy. 

While you’re waiting for the new Fortnite Save the World update to drop, there is plenty of stuff to be done on the battle royale side of things. For example, Chapter 2: Season 3 features a new Aquaman skin that players can unlock by completing a variety of special challenges. If you’d like more Fortnite guides, be sure to check out the links below.

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