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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea for Two Guide – Quest Walkthrough

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been following our series of Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party guides closely, then you’re already in the know about the best way to rank up your support relationships with characters in the game. However, actually getting to the meat of the matter where you earn the privilege of inviting your favorite students out for brunch is a different matter entirely. Check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea for Two guide which will tell you how to complete the quest to unlock this activity.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea for Two Guide 

Luckily enough for those who can’t wait to embark on budding relationships with some of the cuties in the game, you can unlock the ability to have tea parties pretty early on. The only major requirement is that you have to complete the quest known as Tea for Two. This is picked up from Ferdinand in the second month of the game

Ferdinand will be adamant that he has to find someone to partake in his tea-drinking hobbies with him. Unfortunately, there’s just no way that he can do that himself, so the duty falls to you. You have to take an Elegant Tea Set around the Garreg Mach monastery until you find the student that suits his selective tastes. Luckily, we’ve got the answer right here so you don’t need to waste time kicking about. The kid you have to bring the tea set to is Lorenz. We found him hanging around near the Fishing Pond with some lackeys, as if he was just waiting for us to show up. 

When you hand in the quest and sign Lorenz up to be tea-time buddies with Ferdinand, you’ll be notified that you can unlock the Tea Party activity. You’ll also receive the following:

  • Sweet Apple Blend Tea x 2
  • Renown x 300

Now that you’ve got our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tea for Two guide to sort you out, you can unlock this activity in no time flat and start improving your inter-house relationships at the monastery. Want a complete list of all the types of tea and general tips on how it all goes down? Check out our tea list and tips guide.



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