Maybe you fancy your Fire Emblem: Three Houses lads more hunk than twunk. In that case, we've got just the Ashen Wolf candidate for you. While we didn't think that being chronically deprived of sunlight or the outside world would help someone get super jacked, clearly we just haven't been taking the right supplements. Our Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus tea party guide should help you pick up this brawny brawler.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus Tea Party Guide

So, you reckon Balthus is the one for you. Maybe you thought Raphael was real easy on the eyes, but you wanted someone a little edgier. Someone with a bit more maturity. Someone with a butch version of Sephiroth's haircut. Well, this brawling fiend is the one for you. 

If you're not quite sure how to go about throwing tea parties for possible romantic interests, then check out this guide we've got on unlocking this activity at Garreg Mach. Once you're totally up to speed, come back here and keep reading for the way to Balthus' heart. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus Tea Party Guide - Tea Flavor

This particular noble has lived a life in the shadows, but that doesn't mean that his personality's introverted. Brash, confident, and a lover of excess, Balthus parties hard and isn't afraid to show it. As such, he likes his drinks with a bit of a kick so you'll want to serve up Almyran Pine Needles or Ginger Tea when shows up.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus Tea Party Guide - Conversation Topics

Now that everyone's got a drink in hand, you're going to want to turn your mind to banter. While he calls himself the Almighty King of Grappling, it's not just an endless cycle of punching kicking around in his brain. You'll find Balthus quite the conversationalist if you're smart about what to discuss, so any one of the topics below should do the trick.

  • "A dinner invitation..."
  • "A new gambit..."
  • "A place you'd like to visit..."
  • "A strong battalion..."
  • "A word of advice..."
  • "Capable comrades..."
  • "Classes you might enjoy..."
  • "Close calls..."
  • "Cooking mishaps..."
  • "Cute monks..."
  • "Dining partners..."
  • "Equipment upkeep..."
  • "Evaluating allies..."
  • "Exploring the monastery..."
  • "First crushes..."
  • "Food in the dining hall..."
  • "Gardening mishaps..."
  • "Hopes for your future..."
  • "I heard some gossip..."
  • "I'm counting on you..."
  • "Likable allies..."
  • "Mighty weapons..."
  • "Mountain folk traditions..."
  • "Our first meeting..."
  • "Overcoming weaknesses..."
  • "Past laughs..."
  • "Potential training partners..."
  • "Relaxing at the sauna..."
  • "School days..."
  • "Shareable snacks..."
  • "Strange fish in the pond..."
  • "Tell me about yourself..."
  • "Thanks for everything..."
  • "The last battle..."
  • "The view from the bridge..."
  • "Things that bother you..."
  • "Things you find romantic..."
  • "Working together..."
  • "You seem well..."
  • "Your ambitions..."
  • "You're doing great work..."

Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus Tea Party Guide - Bonus Conversation Prompts

If you were careful to hold this warrior's interest over your steaming hot cup of Ginger Tea, then you'll be rewarded with the chance to get to know him a little better. Who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to get closer to Balthus and his big, er, hands. I mean, everyone knows what they say about guys with big hands. You'll want to use one of our recommended suggestions below when the chat turns a little more personal to ensure that you stay in good standing.

  • "I'm not big on stuffy formalities. Do what you like and drink what you like, I always say." - Commend, Admonish or Chat
  • "Since I gave up my noble status, my tea invitations have really dried up..." - Nod or Sip Tea
  • "Huh, not a bad way to stay alert. I don't get much sleep, you see." - Nod or Praise
  • "You don't have any dice, do you? Or cards? If so... feelin' lucky?" - Admonish, Sigh or Sip Tea
  • "I'll just come right out and say it. You've got a nice face. Oh, and your personality's alright too." - Laugh, Sip Tea or Blush
  • "Ah... Sunshine. Women. Fighting. Everything's better in excess, don't ya think?" - Disagree, Admonish or Sigh
  • "Everyone and their dog knows now, but not too long ago, this Crest of mine was top secret." - Commend, Chat or Sip Tea
  • "My mother's bloodline is pretty rare. This means... I'm a walking treasure." - Chat or Praise
  • "A while ago, at a Leicester fighting tourney, I went toe-to-toe with Holst for the title. Nearly won too." - Nod or Commend

It was probably really tough, but hopefully you've managed to keep your hands to yourself and your eyes above his pecs while chatting up Balthus over some tea sandwiches. If you followed our Fire Emblem Three Houses Balthus tea party guide to the letter, then maybe you'll be lucky enough to spar with him after hours. Reckon one of the other Ashen Wolves might be more your speed? We've got guides on how to ace tea parties with every single one of them: