With the latest wave of DLC to grace Fire Emblem: Three Houses finally out, we've had a couple of days to get acquainted with the students of the secret fourth house at Garreg Mach and we've gotta say - we're pretty enamored. Sure, it's a little past Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean that our romantic dreams have to become memes. Enter the veritable Prince of Abyss, here to steal our hearts into the dark. Here's our Fire Emblem Three Houses Yuri tea party guide if you're wanting to make a good impression. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Yuri Tea Party Guide

So, you've got your eyes set on the leader of the newest faction that's been introduced in Fire Emblem Three Houses: the Ashen Wolves. Yuri is quite the looker, with a piercing gaze and lavender locks, and a forthrightness about him that we reckon has its unique appeal. If you're a veteran of the latest in the Fire Emblem series then you'll already know about the magic of tea parties - both a way to get to know your students and to position yourself as an eligible bachelor or bachelorette, they're a great bonding exercise that pays off in spades.

If you're unsure how to unlock tea parties as an activity, check out our generalist guide to doing so which we've linked for your convenience here. If you're an expert at picking out brews and finger sandwiches, though, then read on. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Yuri Tea Party Guide - Tea Flavor

Not sure what tea to pick for this particular recluse? We've got it on good authority that Yuri likes Albinean Berry tea, Honeyed Fruit tea, and Seiros tea. 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Yuri Tea Party Guide - Conversation Topics

Take a deep breath once you've passed the first hurdle of picking what libations to serve during this tea party. Now, it's on to the banter. Luckily for you, we've compiled a couple of conversation starters and savers that we reckon Yuri will jump at the chance to discuss, so make sure that you're selecting any one of these when the option comes up. 

  • "A dinner invitation..."
  • "A new gambit..."
  • "A word of advice..."
  • "Books you've read recently..."
  • "Capable comrades..."
  • "Cats..."
  • "Children at the market..."
  • "Close calls..."
  • "Close calls..."
  • "Equipment upkeep..."
  • "Evaluating allies..."
  • "Exploring the monastery..."
  • "Fashion..."
  • "Favorite sweets..."
  • "Food in the dining hall..."
  • "Hopes for your future..."
  • "I heard some gossip..."
  • "I'm counting on you..."
  • "Keeping Abyss safe..."
  • "Mighty weapons..."
  • "Monastery mysteries..."
  • "Monastery security..."
  • "Our first meeting..."
  • "Past laughs..."
  • "Perfect recipes..."
  • "Plans for the future..."
  • "Relaxing at the sauna..."
  • "Reliable allies..."
  • "School days..."
  • "Shareable snacks..."
  • "Someone you look up to..."
  • "Tell me about yourself..."
  • "Thanks for everything..."
  • "The existence of Crests..."
  • "The last battle..."
  • "The library's collection..."
  • "The view from the bridge..."
  • "Things that bother you..."
  • "Working hours for guards..."
  • "Working together..."

Fire Emblem Three Houses Yuri Tea Party Guide - Bonus Conversation Prompts

Assuming that you've picked the right conversation topics during the main dialogue section, you'll be given some bonus time with Yuri in order to hash out some more personal chat. We've listed the variety of lines that he can deliver below, along with the appropriate response to establish the rapport that you're looking for. 

  • "If I established a monopoly on tea, I imagine I'd see no end to the gold... Ah, never mind me." - Nod, Chat, or Praise
  • "I don't dislike dogs or cats by any stretch of the imagination... I'm just deathly allergic." - Sigh, Chat, or Praise
  • "This cake is to die for! Just where did you get it? Don't tell me you made it yourself." - Nod, Laugh, or Blush
  • "You strike me as the naive type. Best be careful around someone like me." - Nod, Disagree, or Sigh
  • "The sunlight is cloying. I prefer hanging out in the shadows." - Chat, Sip Tea, or Praise
  • "My father? Never knew the guy. Don't have any interest in knowing him at this point either." - Admonish, Chat, or Praise
  • "I'm a bit more into parties than tea, but I suppose hanging out with you isn't half bad." - Nod, Laugh or Blush
  • "If you never need someone to help you out, I'm your guy. I'll make your problems vanish into thin air." - Nod, Commend, or Admonish
  • "I always repay my debts. I don't allow myself to be indebted to anyone. Ever." - Laugh, Commend, or Sip Tea

If you took all of our advice above as to what to say to Yuri to catch his attention while you're both verbally sparring over tea cakes and sugar, then you should be one step closer to borrowing some of his sugar for yourself a little later down the line. We'll talk you through getting acquainted with the rest of the Ashen Wolves in due time, but if you need a hand with anything else in Fire Emblem: Three Houses then check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together: