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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 Keycard Guide

by Ginny Woo

Trying to help out the good folk of Sector 7 in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? We reckon that you should start somewhere, which is essentially replacing the rather incompetent Shinra old guard. We’ve got the goods for you, then. You’re going to need to find the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 keycard to progress in the matter of clearing out some deadly monsters.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 Keycard Guide

If you’re wondering why everyone is tired of Shinra in Sector 7, well, it should be pretty obvious after experiencing what Cloud has to in order to escape the Mako reactor in the game’s initial portions. However, just about everyone has had it up to here with them, including Gwen. You’ll run into her in Sector 7 after you’ve completed the side quest called “Nuisance in the Factory”. You’ll have had to dispatch some angry drakes and assorted enemies in the Talagger Factory for that quest, and finishing it will lead you over to Gwen who’s having a go at some Shinra goons. 

Gwen’s yelling at them because there are still dangerous monsters kicking around Sector 7, essentially. Also, Shinra doesn’t want to deal with them at all. In that sense, it’s up to you to take care of the drakes. However, you have to first find the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 keycard. You’re going to need this keycard to access the factory where the drake is so that you can kill it for Gwen. Gwen says that the keycard is in a bunch of boxes around the place, so you’re going to have just smash a bunch of boxes with your sword.

You’re going to want to go back to the Talagger Factory and just go absolutely nuts until you find the keycard. For us, it was kicking around by the vending machine that spits out Potions and Ethers about mid-way through behind a locked fence that you have to double around, so maybe start there if you’re not entirely sure. Either way, you’ll get the keycard so long as you’re continuously crunching through boxes in the right zone.

Now that you’ve found the keycard that Gwen has asked you to in order to dispatch some unruly wildlife from Sector 7, it should be a lot easier for you to clear out that particular portion of Midgar so that uh, capitalism can return to its usual grind? We’re not super enamored about the Shinra stuff in that sector either, don’t worry. If you struggled with beating the Cerulean Drake and you think you might need some help later when taking down bigger prey, check out our Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud weapons guide that we’ve relinked here for your benefit

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