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Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Weapons Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Cloud is one of the exciting and unique characters that players can control in the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The entertaining individual has a plethora of weapons that players can obtain and utilize in all of their adrenaline-fueled battles throughout the game’s story. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the weapons of Cloud covered for you so that you can have the arsenal of weapons for Cloud reach its highest potential. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Weapons

There are a total of six weapons that players can get for Cloud in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. These weapons can be added to the inventory of Cloud throughout the game in various means. These means include being purchased from vendors or by completing specific missions. 

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You can find how each of the Final Fantasy VII Remake weapons for Cloud can be acquired below:

Buster Sword

Cloud gets this sword at the beginning of the game, so you will not have to do anything in particular to have access to this item. The proficiency for the Buster Sword is called Focused Thrust and allows players to hit their enemy with a lunging strike that hits them multiple times and increases stagger by a large degree. This weapon enables Cloud to be an all-around fighter who can dish out damage at a high degree and cast helpful magic, making it a tool that brings plenty of variety to Cloud.

Iron Blade

The Iron Blade is provided to the play near the beginning of the game’s story in Chapter 3. Triple Slash is the Iron Blade’s proficiency and allows the player to strike enemies with three slashes rapidly that have increased damage with each attack. This weapon enables Cloud to dish out significant damage but shines when it comes to helping him fill the tank role on your team. 

Nail Bat

The Nail Bat is a reward a player acquires when they complete the Chapter 8 side-quest called Kids on Patrol. Disorder is the proficiency for the Nail Bat. It delivers a mighty blow that also allows you to switch modes at the same time. Players looking for Cloud to be a destructive force that dishes out the most damage for your team will be wise to have the main character utilize the strength of the Nail Bat. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Weapons


Players can obtain the Hardedge by purchasing it from the weapons shop in the Wall Market for a total of 2,000 Gil. You will find that the proficiency for the Hardedge is called Infinity’s Edge and is an overhead strike from the character that causes increased damage on the stagger. This weapon is another one that allows the protagonist to deal plenty of damage to your enemies but offers some bonuses that stop him from being solely dedicated to the damage dealing role. 

Mythril Saber

You can acquire the Mythril Saber by purchasing it from the Wall Market weapons shop in Chapter 14 of the game for a total of 3,000 Gil. Blade Burst is the proficiency for the Mythril Saber and sends out a wave of mako energy to strike an enemy in front of you. Magic is the name of the game when it comes to the Mythril Saber, so players who would like for Cloud to be the main magic-user for their team will be happy with what the Mythril Saber offers. 

Twin Stinger

This item is located in a purple chest that is right by a set of stairs you will come across in Chapter 17 of the title’s story following a cutscene in the first ward training area. Players will find that the proficiency for the Twin Stinger is called Counterstance and allows you to block attacks and then deliver a sharp slash in retaliation. The Twin Stinger is a magic heavy weapon that will enable Cloud to be more of a balanced character than the Mythril Saber. 

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