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Final Fantasy 15 – Defeat Aramusha Easily

by Bryan Dawson

The boss battle against Aramusha in Final Fantasy 15 can be difficult if you try to attack the boss head-on. Instead, there is an easy way to take down the boss of the Balouve Mine. Aramusha is level 52, but even if you’re a bit under-leveled,  you can still take him down with ease if you follow our instructions below. This article covers how to easily beast Aramusha in Final Fantasy 15 and claim the Bow of the Clever so you can move on with your game.

How to Beat Aramusha

Final Fantasy 15 Aramusha

Before you take on Aramusha, pick up an extra gun or ranged weapon for Noctis. You can find additional weapons at a multitude of shops around the area, but you can easily get one at the Hammehead store. When you reach the bottom of the Balouve Mine dungeon in Final Fantasy 15, you will face off against the level 52 boss, Aramusha.

Equip Noctis with the gun you purchased and jump onto the large metal pipe or the red construction vehicle on the south side of the lower area where you fight Aramusha. If you have trouble finding it, the location is immediately to the left when you enter the lower area. From this high vantage point, Aramusha cannot damage you with any of his attacks.

In addition to avoiding Aramusha’s attacks, because you’re using the gun, you never have to get close to him. Instead, you can stand on top of this metal pipe or construction vehicle and attack Aramusha with the gun until he dies. This will take some time (about 60 attacks depending on your level and which gun you’re using), but it’s the easiest way to defeat Aramusha. You can also use spells or any other ranged attack, but the gun uses the least amount of resources.

Defeating Aramusha grants access to the chamber beyond which holds the Bow of the Clever, one of the Royal Arms weapons. As an added bonus, you’ll get about 10,000 XP from your various battles throughout the Balouve Mine dungeon. Before you cash in that XP, head to the hotel at the end of the pier in Galdin Quay. For 10,000 gil you will get a 2.0 multiplier on your XP and go up multiple levels for your troubles. If you don’t have enough gil when you arrive, chances are you’ve got plenty of trinkets that you don’t need and can sell so you can cash in on a ton of XP.

If you ran into a door you couldn’t open while you were in the Balouve Mine dungeon, you can find out how to unlock that door in our dungeon key article. There’s more post-game content and tips in our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide!

Bryan Dawson

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