Final Fantasy 15 – Best Weapons

Find some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 15 so you can burn through the post game experience!

Final Fantasy 15 has a pretty big emphasis on weaponry. This article covers some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 15 to give you a head start on finding or upgrading them. There are quite a few weapon types, each with different fighting styles and abilities, so we’ve included a variety of options to fit all play styles.

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Many of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 15 require you to complete the main story first. There are also plenty of other activities you can do after the main story is complete. Some of these weapons and upgrades can be started before the main story is over, but many of the best weapons are only found much later in the game.

Legendary Weapons

There are five Legendary Weapons that you can only find after you have completed the main story. We have information on how to obtain each of the Legendary Weapons and their uses, but know that these are some of the best weapons in the game. For the most part you can complete the quests for these weapons with relative ease, especially if you’re already at a very high character level.

Royal Arms

Many of the dungeons in Final Fantasy 15 contain a Royal Arm weapon that can only be used by Noctis. We’ve got a detailed look at the stats and location of each Royal Arm. While in some cases these aren’t the best overall weapons, you can get many of them very early in the game, making them the best weapons early on. The one drawback of the Royal Arms are that they drain Noctis’ health when he uses them. Keep a close eye on your health as you collect all of the Royal Arms.

Engine Blade Upgrades and Ultima Blade

The Engine Blade is the weapon Noctis starts the game with. You can upgrade the Engine Blade (and many other base weapons) through a quest line with Cid that can be started early in the game. Once you have the Engine Blade completely upgraded, you can start the quest for the Ultima Blade, which is one of the best weapons in the game. We’ve already detailed how to complete the Engine Blade quests and where to find the materials required, so be sure to get this done as early as possible so you can breeze through early parts of the game.

Endgame Dungeon Weapons

Once you have completed the main story you can partake in the quest that unlocks the endgame dungeons. These are the locked doors you probably found in each dungeon you played through. Once you have completed the quest in question you can unlock these doors and play through the much harder dungeons beyond.

In the Balouve Mines endgame portion you will find the Apocalypse greatsword, one of the best greatsword weapons in the game. Defeat the boss in this endgame dungeon (Pyromancer) and you will find the Death Penalty firearm weapon, which can potentially kill almost any enemy with a single attack. The chances are slim, but it’s still one of the best firearms even if you don’t proc the instant kill ability.

One of the best polearms in the game is the Flayer. This weapon can be found in the Steyliff Grove dungeon once you have cleared every floor (requiring the Hunter’s Medal endgame key from Ezma). Make sure you have ice-based attacks, polearms and daggers to take advantage of the boss Mictlantecihuatl’s weaknesses).

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