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Final Fantasy 15 – Beast Whistle, AP Farming, Fast AP Gain

by Bryan Dawson

The Beast Whistle in Final Fantasy 15 can be an amazing tool to help you farm Ability Points. Farming AP in Final Fantasy 15 can help you unlock the abilities you want early in the game and make everything else a little bit easier. However, some players have found the Beast Whistle is glitched, or they have difficulty trying to find the Beast Whistle in Final Fantasy 15. This article covers how to get the Beast Whistle, how to potentially fix the issue if you have a glitch with the Beast Whistle, and how to farm AP in Final Fantasy 15.

How to Find the Beast Whistle

Normally you can get the Beast Whistle by simply playing through the game. After you meet the stranger in Chapter 4, head to the Disc and you will see an on-screen prompt informing you that the Beast Whistle is now in your inventory. At this point it also appears in the Regalia store, that’s the store you can access from your car.

Beast Whistle Glitch

If you’ve been playing through Final Fantasy 15 and have yet to receive your Beast Whistle, even after Chapter 4 is complete, look in the Regalia shop. If you don’t see it there either, make sure you have the Day One patch downloaded for Final Fantasy 15. The Beast Whistle was added in the Day One patch, so if you’ve been playing offline the entire time, you will not have access to it.

Assuming you’ve completed Chapter 4 and have the Day One patch installed, your game may be glitched. In this instance there’s no guaranteed way to obtain the Beast Whistle at the moment. However, you can quit the application (don’t go into sleep mode, select Final Fantasy 15 from the dashboard or XMB and exit the game), then power down your console. This essentially resets the game (you’ll still have your save file, don’t worry) and helps clear any potentially issues that may be stopping the Beast Whistle from appearing or working properly.

How to Use the Beast Whistle

The Beast Whistle allows you to summon enemies whenever you’re in an open area where you can normally fight monsters. You can access the Beast Whistle through the R2 / RT menu, the same menu that allows you to access a Chocobo once you’ve unlocked them through the side quest. Using the Beast Whistle to summon monsters is a quick way to gain XP level up your characters, but it has other uses as well.

How to Farm AP

With the Beast Whistle you can quickly and easily farm AP in Final Fantasy 15. Simply head out into an open area anywhere near the starting point of the game. Use your Beast Whistle and it will summon relatively low level enemies. Defeat each enemy with a Warp Strike (Triangle or Y with control type A) and every enemy will give you at least one AP. The amount of AP you get after each battle will vary depending on the type and number of enemies that spawned, but you should be able to get rid of them very quickly, gaining AP rapidly.

You can also farm XP with the Beast Whistle by seeking out the location of the Cactuar and defeating it multiple times. Be sure to head back to Prima Games once you reach post-game activities so you can get the best fishing gear and other tips and tricks in our Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough and guide.