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With dozens of dyes to choose from for your glamours in Final Fantasy XIV, it is hard to keep at least one of them in your inventory at all times. Believe me, I tried it for some time. So, you always have to go out of your way and buy them from NPCs or directly from the market. Among them we can find the Loam Brown Dye, which is slightly different.

Not available for purchase in any of the regular vendors, you might be wondering where you can get some pots of this almost unique dye. Fortunately, it’s quite simple to do it too.

Where to Find the Loam Brown Dye in FFXIV

Loam Brown is one of the craftable dyes in FFXIV, and can be done by any of the Disciple of the Hand jobs. The recipe itself is unlocked automatically at Level 30 of any Disciple of Hand, and you can find them by opening the Crafting Log, heading to Special Recipes (a bag icon with a star) and clicking on the Others option at the bottom.

Loam Brown Dye is crafted with 1 Brown Pigment, which can be obtained by either Botanists or Miners. Both need to be at least Level 28 before they can get the pigments from the wild. For Botanists, you can get them in North Shroud around (X:26.4, Y: 21.9) while Miners can quarry them from Lower La Noscea around (X: 26.6, Y: 15.5).

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One pigment equals one dye, so you can get a few extras to sell some of them later. Crafting yourself or buying directly from other players in the Market Board are the only repeatable methods of getting this dye. Some pots are offered as rewards in the “Back Where It Belongs” and in the “What’s in a Name?” side quests, but those are one-time rewards.

The dye is useful not only for making a perfect new drip, but also to complete certain Fashion Report challenges. And you should definitely be out for those especially when the Make it Rain Campaign event is on, as you can get obscene amounts of MGP with just a few clicks.

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