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Everything Announced in the FFXIV 6.5 Growing Light Live Letter From The Producer

Walking into the End of this expansion.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023 brought not only the first glimpse at the Dawntrail expansion, but also included our usual sneak peeks at the upcoming Endwalker 6.5 patch, titled “Growing Light”. Scheduled to be released in early October, this will be the final major patch in this expansion before we head into the future expansion.

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We have a long way before heading into the New World, so let’s see what’s up for us to do in the meantime.

Everything Announced for FFXIV Patch 6.5 Growing Light 

The final patch will roll out to servers in early October, so you definitely have some time to do some catch-up! Images were provided via the Final Fantasy XIV Discord Server.

New Main Scenario Quests

Image via Square-Enix

The final chapters in the post-Endwalker scenario are on their way to the game. As the tradition for the final expansion patch, the MSQ will be split into two parts. The first one arrives in October, while the second one will be here during patch 6.55, scheduled for mid-January 2024. Some of the content presented here will also be split into various minor patches along the way.

New Dungeons

Image via Square-Enix

We have two new dungeons being introduced in this patch. The Lunar Subterrane is the main dungeon introduced during the MSQ, and will serve as the final 4-man content on the way to the next expansion, as well as another big FFIV reference.

FFXIV 6.5 Variant Dungeon
Image via Square-Enix

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Later at patch 6.51, we’ll receive the third Variant/Criterion Dungeon, the Aloalo Island. It will work similarly to Sil’dihn Subterrane and Mount Rokkon, with various possible routes in the Variant version and a bigger, tougher challenge in the Criterion version (available both in Normal and Savage).

New Trials

FFXIV 6.5 Zeromus
Image via Square-Enix

The main Trial introduced is The Abyssal Fracture, yet another dark-themed trial in this expansion. As many correctly predicted, Zeromus will be the target here, and we might as well consider him the final post-Endwalker boss.

FFXIV 6.5 Thordan
Image via Square-Enix

The Unreal Trial is also rotating in this patch, marking the return of Thordan and his Heaven’s Ward knights. The Singularity Reactor (Unreal) will be the 6.5 Faux Hollows trial, which players can clear to get some exclusive rewards such as mounts, minions and more. Dragonsong’s Reprise flashbacks incoming!

New Alliance Raids

FFXIV 6.5 Thaleia
Image via Square-Enix

The final Myths of the Realm chapter is finally coming in this path. Thaleia will be the final Alliance Raid, closing the book on our mystical encounter with the divinities of Eorzea. The 24-man Alliance Raid will be available upon the main patch’s arrival, and requires completion of the previous alliances beforehand.

Fall Guys Collab

FFXIV 6.5 Fall Guys
Image via Square-Enix

First announced yesterday, the Fall Guys collab with FFXIV will be happening this patch. Both games will receive content from one another in the following months, and the Gold Saucer will be receiving new Fall Guys-themed attractions. These are still in development, and while we don’t know when they will be released, it’s confirmed to happen during the 6.5x patches.

Other Side Content

Hildibrand is not ready to leave us just yet. We’ll be getting a new chapter in the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, which means that our Manderville Weapons will also get another upgrade. This is scheduled for 6.55, so it won’t happen until January.

FFXIV 6.5 Manderville
Image via Square-Enix

And not only combat-oriented jobs are eating well in this update. During 6.51, we’ll be receiving the new Splendorous Tools updates, the Crafter/Gatherer equivalent to Relic Weapons. They will require advancing to the current Splendorous tools first, so it’s time to grind those.

We’re also getting another Custom Delivery NPC with Margret, the woman we met during the recent Main Scenario Quests. She’ll be available in 6.51, and will probably require completing some of these quests beforehand.

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Tataru’s Great Endeavour side quests are also being updated this time around, and it seems that we’ll be headed for Old Sharlayan once again.

Crystalline Conflict will get yet another arena too, and Series Five will also start with the 6.5 patch. Season Eight will begin during patch 6.48, running all the way until 6.51, when we might finally get Season Nine.

FFXIV 6.5 Island
Image via Square-Enix

Island Sanctuary will also receive more updates, and this obviously includes getting even more rewards out of it, such as exclusive glamour and more mounts coming directly from your personal haven.

Job Adjustments

According to Yoshi-P, there won’t be any major job changes in the final patch. Most of the tweaks are directed at adjusting some jobs if they currently feel weak or with a lower DPS than they should be. So no major reworks or skill changes here. The game does feel quite balanced at the moment, with the exception of a few jobs that could definitely use some small buffs.

System Updates

Concluding the arduous work started at the expansion’s beginning, the final Stormblood duties will now feature Duty Support, so all content from A Realm Reborn to Endwalker can now be played solo if you want!

FFXIV 6.5 Duty Support
Image via Square-Enix

Players will now be able to store optional items (from the online store) inside their Armoire, saving even more space in the Glamour Dresser! This was a long-requested feature, just like the also introduced consecutive aetherial reduction for collectibles. They fill up your inventory quite fast, so this is very welcoming.

Fishers have received a few QoL with green dots indicating newly obtained fish in the Fish Guide. And most importantly, there are now IL restrictions for entering Alliance Roulette based on your level! Say goodbye to Crystal Tower-only runs because someone decided to strip naked before joining the queue. 

FFXIV 6.5 Mount
Image via Square-Enix

There’s now also an option for sorting teleport locations according to the expansions they belong to, and we’ll be getting two special expansion-ending rewards: the Allied Tribes Quest (requires completing all of the Endwalker Tribe Quests) and the final Trial mount reward (requires obtaining all of the Lynxes from Extreme Trials).

And you probably have already heard about the Critically Acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV That Has a Free Trial, right? That Free Trial is now being expanded to include the Stormblood expansion, raising the level cap up to 70 and adding tons of new content for players! This expanded trial will be active following the 6.5 update, so be ready!

There’s a lot to look forward to in this final patch, so stay tuned for when this content finally hits live. There’s still a lot to do in the current 6.45 patch, so you’re definitely not getting bored for now.

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